Stickers : Quick And Simple Cards You Can Make In 10 Minutes With Beautiful Stickers

Stickers are very popular today. You see them everywhere; bookshops, discount stores, toy shops, shopping malls, craft stores, ebay, etc. They come in a wide range of themes; birds, flowers, fish, Disney characters, and many others.

Some are made specially for scrapbooking; usually referred to as scrapbooking stickers which come in categories and themes like borders, frames, accessories or embellishments, dolls, etc.

Here are some quick and simple cards that you can make with them.

Well, have you ever forget to buy a card for the bride and groom? Or for the birthday girl? Last minute just before you are on the way to the wedding reception or the birthday party, you remembered that you have not got a card to go with your present. Instead of rushing to the store to buy one, (it's a Saturday evening and there's usually a long queue at the counter) why not make one yourself. I'm sure it will be treasured by the recipients.

Below is a card that would be appropriate for a wedding or a birthday. It's very easy. It only took me 10 minutes to make it. You can use other flowers designs.


Materials Used

A Piece Of Cream Color Glossy Textured Blank Card

Stickers of Tulips

A Small Piece Of Tissue Paper

A Ribbon


1. Paste the tulips stickers on the front of the card arranging as a bonquet.

2. Fold the small piece of tissue paper cone like.

3. Apply glue to the tissue paper and paste on the lower half of the bouquet of tulips.

4. Tie a knot in the middle of the short ribbon

5. Apply a dot of glue and paste it to the tissue paper.

6. Arrange the ribbon and tissue paper to your satisfaction.

There you are - a quick and simple card - saving you time and money.

Tips: It's best to use glossy cardstock for this project. when you are not happy with the arrangement, just peel it off and reposition again. Or you can arrange your design on sticker paper first then peel it off and stick it onto your blank card. Use a word sticker - either Happy Birthday or Congratulation! below the bouquet of flowers. You will find lots of word and phrase stickers in the store.

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