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a free printable Father's Day card as promised.
June 12, 2012

Free Printable Greeting Card - Happy Father's Day!

As promised, I'm sending you this free printable Happy Father's Day card, hoping that it's in time for your Father's Day celebration.

Print and Assemble This Card

For those of you who are receiving this email in plain text, please copy and paste the url address onto your web browser. Check that there's no extra space or break in the url as the url might be too long and thus being continued on another line.

Happy Father's Day!

This is a zip (compressed) file and when you download it to your computer, just click on it and you should be able to see a folder with 2 files in there. Both are pdf files. One contains the images and the other is a Read Me First file. Instructions are given in this Read Me First file.

Do make sure that you got the latest copy of Adobe Reader to open the pdf file.

See What I Created From This Printable

I used this printable to create a father's day card too. You can view the card here and read the directions on the steps I took to create it.

Click to view my Father's Day Card

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