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Hello! Here's Flora Tan from Welcome to the fifth issue of GreetingNews! I'm so glad to be able to connect with you via this monthly ezine.

It has been two months since I last updated you on the happenings in my life and The past two months had been rather hectic and packed full with activities.

First, my younger brother started his jewelery business and needed someone to help design the jeweleries. Well, I volunteered and with the help of another designer, the first batch of designs are ready and had in fact been accepted into one of the leading departmental stores here.

Then two weeks ago, my sister-in-law started a Japanese food stall in one of the food courts downtown and needed someone to man the cash register before she got a permanent cashier. Well, there I was the past two weeks standing in as cashier.

So these are the reasons why you have not seen much activities on the and why I wasn't able to connect with you last month.

The third reason was that I was working on my other website

If you are thinking of selling your homemade cards or crafts, do visit I have written some information that would help you in starting your home based business.

Also check out this page to download two printable Happy Father's Day cards.

Well, this is rather a quickie newsletter. I look forward to writing more next month. Meanwhile...

Happy Card Making To You! And Warmest Regards,

From your card making friend,

Flora Tan

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