Summer is here! It's time to create arts. Summer is also, I believe, a time to connect with family and friends. Invite them to your home for a meal or a BBQ. So take out your card making supplies and make some invitation cards for the event.

Or send a card and bring some cheer.

Yes, create some cards that will bring the warm of summer to those who are still going through winter time in their soul.

In This Issue:

:: Make and Exchange Artist Trading Cards!

:: Join the MakingGreetingCards Community!

:: Feedback & Contributions

Make and Exchange Artist Trading Cards!

Let's make some Artist Trading Cards and swap with one another.

What are Artist Trading Cards(ATC)? If you do not know what it is and want to know, go here : Artist Trading Cards

I also call them "Art in a Pocket" because it's encased in a little pocket or card sleeve. And also because you could easily bring them anywhere in your pocket.

Making these ATC is fun. And it is also relatively simple. So I'm proposing that we start this summer off by doing an Artist Trading Cards Swap (ATC Swap).

It will be a 2 to 2 swap - meaning that you make 2 cards (different design) and send them to one person. You will also received 2 cards back.

If you are interested in participating in this swap, just go to Cardmaking Feedback and fill in the form. In the message text block, type in your Full Name, and Mailing Address and I will organise and send you the particulars of the person you are to send your artist trading cards to.

This is our first swap and I hope that you will join us and make it a big success.

Join the MakingGreetingCards Community!

At last! I have created a community for us to interact and exchange ideas with one another. Come and join us at:

MakingGreetingCards Group

Fonts To Download For Cardmaking

To download some free fonts for cardmaking, go to Font Garden.

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Celebrating Creativity! Connecting Lives!

Make it a Great Day! Send Someone A Homemade Summer Card Today!

Flora Tan

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