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Do Not Donate to!

Donate No More! Donation to this card making website is no longer needed. Why?

Well, with God's blessing, is now self-sufficient and does not need donations from visitors anymore.

For those who had generously donated to this card making tutorial website and helped to keep this website going for the past 4 years, I want to say 'Thank You!'.

You Can Continue To Support This Website

But though donation is not needed, we still covet your on-going support. How can you support this cardmaking website? By telling others about it and spreading the word about card making and sending.

Why? There are two reasons why need your support.

Card Making As A Hobby : is a project started by Flora Tan to bring the craft of card making and the ministry of card sending to everyone in the world.

Card making is a simple hobby that is relatively inexpensive and can be taken up by anyone whether old or young. But though simple and inexpensive, card making can bring much joy and satisfaction to the cardcrafter.

In fact, as a hobby, it has many benefits. One of which is in relation to stress.

Most cardcrafters will say that they are most relax when creating cards. To be able to shut out all worries and cares of the world, and concentrate on that small piece of art is indeed therapeutic.

Therefore, Flora wants to continue to add more clear step-by-step instructions for card projects, writing creative articles, and developing card making templates so that more people can have a hobby that brings delight and enjoyment to self and others. is kept online through the support and encouragement of visitors like you who tell others about this website; talking about it and linking to it in and from your blogs, websites and craft groups.

Card Sending As A Ministry : It is Flora's desire to see many visitors involved in one way or another in the ministry of card sending. And knowing that it is expensive to send out cards, she has sourced a greeting card sending business system that will help you to continue sending real printed greeting cards to bless others and at the same time enable you to self finance this ministry of card sending.

This is not sending handmade cards but real printed cards through first class mail to bring encouragement and cheer to others. Handmade cards are rather time consuming to make and bulky and thus expensive to send so to send out cards with beautifully vivid 4 colors printing is the best solution.

This system will enable you to send out cards and at the same time teach others to do the same. Click here to learn more about this card sending and greeting card business system.

This greeting card business is part of the reason why you do not need to donate to this card making website anymore. With this greeting card business in place, we are now financially self-supporting.

So if you want to support and encourage Flora in keeping online and be a part in her ministry in card sending, all you need is to continue to tell others about this website.

Thank you for your support and encouragement! By telling others about this website, you are bringing awareness to card making and sending and at the same time giving to all, a hobby that is fun and rewarding.

Celebrating Creativity! Connecting Lives!
~ bringing cheer one card at a time.

Start A Card Sending Ministry and Earn An Income Teaching Others

Click here to find out more.

Thank you for visiting. Remember to bookmark this website.

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