2012 Started Without Me :-(

December 2011 was a hectic month. My mom fell twice and I had to accompany her in and out of hospital. Then after she was discharged on the 2nd day of 2012, I fell ill and stayed in bed for close to 2 weeks.

Now you understand why I say that 2012 started without me.

Today is January 19th and guests are coming in on the 21st for Chinese New Year celebration. But despite all, I have been able to escape to my craft-room to create. Check out the cards below.

New Cards Online

I have added two new cards online.

1. Happy Valentine's Day Card.

2. Chinese New Year Card.

Both the above cards used the same cardmaking design template - a folded pocket tag card design.

Free Cardmaking Book

The book is taking longer than I anticipated. I'm trying not to be a perfectionist but it has been a struggle trying to create the cards, templates and write the articles for this free cardmaking book.

So do bear with me as I continue to work diligently on getting this book completed so that you can download it and read it on your computer without any glitches.

Home Business Blog

Many of you have been writing to ask about how to start a greeting card business. So I have started a home business blog. My objective for this business blog is to help ordinary people like us earn an income online; whether it's to help with expenses at home, more money to spend on craft supplies, or to make it a serious home business earning more than enough to quit from your day job.

It's a crafter helps crafters blog and I hope to be able to add more useful articles after the Chinese New Year celebration.

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