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Hello! Here's Flora Tan from Welcome to the fourth issue of GreetingNews! I'm so glad to be able to connect with you via this monthly ezine.


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- Happy Red Hats' Day!

- Happy Mothers' Day!

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Quote Of The Month

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden." ~ Claudia Ghandi

Happy Red Hats' Day! & Happy Mothers' Day!

Red Hats! Purple Robes! How would you like to meet a group of 10 to 20 ladies attired in purple clothings and red hats at a downtown restaurant having tea and a hilarious time? And most with purple feathers, purple flowers and purple ribbons adorning the red hats. I guess it must be a most amusing sight to behold. Yet, these are women beyond 50. And they are celebrating their very important day in about 10 days time - Happy Red Hats Day! - April 25th. Like to know more about these amazing women?

I have added 2 pages about them to the website.

1. Happy Red Hats Cards

2. A Brief Background on The Red Hat Society

And do remember another important date : May 8th - Happy Mothers' Day. And here's another page added - Happy Mothers' Day Cards

And coming soon: Making cards on the computer.

So to all the Red Hats Women in our group, Happy Red Hats Day! (and I know that there are quite a number of you here :~D) and wishing all the mothers in the whole wide world, a very Happy Mothers' Day!

Card Making Forum?

About the Card Making Forum. I believe that we will have our very own forum but it will have to be in or after June this year. Reason being that I'm in the process of moving house and I know I just won't be able to do justice to the forum at this time.

Card Making Books/Magazines

Check out this pages for some of the best card making books and magazines Card Making Magazines and Card Making Books.

So here ends the fourth issue of the GreetingNews! ezine. The next one will reach your mailbox on the first week of May 2005. Till then...

Happy Card Making To You! And Warmest Regards,

From your card making friend,

Flora Tan

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