Hi <>, Spring will soon be here. You can feel it in the air. You can also see signs of it appearing everywhere; especially in your garden.

I have lots of fun making spring cards the past two weeks; using images of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, roses, and all the bright colors of spring.

I've also been using some of my punches especially the small daisy punch.

Yes, this is the best time to bring out all your garden theme rubber stamps, punches and cliparts and use them on your handmade Birthday Cards, Happy Mother's Day Cards, Easter Cards or just a fun spring card.

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:: Breaking Through A Creative Block!

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Card Making Quote Of The Month

Title: Spring Is Coming

March has warmed the icy blasts,

And the wintertime is past.

Now we hear the robins sing-

Happy harbingers of spring.

Little buds will wake from sleep,

From the ground their faces peep.

Do you know why all the fun?

Spring is coming on the run."

~ Dorothy Hevener

Fonts To Download For Cardmaking

I have been looking for fonts that I can use for card making on the net and I came across Font Garden. This is great place to download fonts or to have your handwriting converted into a font. Go to Font Garden.

Breaking Through A Creative Block!

Have you ever have a creative block? You felt drained of any creative ideas for your card making, or arts. You sat down at your work table and you could not make a single decent card. It's like your creative juices had dried up and there's nothing you could do about it. You walked around empty inside, maybe restless too.

For quite some time I have not been able to create any cards. I found myself staring at my cardstocks, looking through my collection of rubber stamps, punches and stencils or surfing the net most of the time without creating anything.

It was a dry period and I tried all ways of getting back the joy of card making.

I browsed through lots of card making and other arts magazines. I went shopping for art supplies. I visited art galleries locally and online. I went for nature walks.

Well, these are methods that worked before but not now.

Then one sunday afternoon, my two nieces and nephew came to visit and they wanted to play with my stuff. Well, I let them choose from my collection of rubber stamps and watch them play. They were not afraid of making any mistakes. I gave them paper and without thinking much, they just ink the rubber stamps and stamp all over the paper. They colored the images, cut out and paste. And we had so much fun.

That day, as I look at their stamped and colored-in images, I begin to have ideas. I gathered those images and made them into shaker cards and they love them so much. They were so excited and said that they want to make more next time. Each of them went home with a shaker card that they could not stop shaking all the way home.

For me, it was the beginning of a breakthrough from creative block. For since then, I have been creating almost non-stop. I create whenever I have time and I create in my mind when I was busy doing other tasks.

So next time, you find your creativity dried up and tried all the above methods to get it back, just go out and find some kids to play with.

New Cards On Site

Look at some of the cards I have created after the breakthrough.

Color of Spring Card

Henna Stencil Card

Japanese Style Spring Card

Pink Dragonfly Tag

Butterfly Dream Card

Brass Stencil Cards

Cards from Nature Walks

Keep checking at the site for more new cards that will be uploaded soon.

If you like to have your handmade cards showcased on www.making-greeting-cards.com, please do send me a note.

Feedback & Contributions

Feedback - I welcome and encourage you to share your comments and suggestions. Click here to send me your feedback.

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