Making Bookmarks With Punches

I love making bookmarks. They are very easy to make and in just an afternoon, you can make quite a few. Let's make some bookmarks for your children or friends using punched stencils. School term has just begin. Your children will need some to put between the pages of his or her school text books.

So why not make some bookmarks yourself with the help of the instructions following. Save money and make something unique. Add some encouraging words or quotes and make them very personal.

Supply Needed:

white cardstock


paper scrap

stencil brush

ink pads

saying stamps (optional)

computer generated texts

repositional glue


hole punch


1. Print quotes or saying on white cardstock.

2. Cut to bookmark sizes.

3. Punch on paper scrap.

3. Apply some repositional glue to the back of the punched scrap.

4. Place the negative punched image on the bookmark.

5. Ink your stencil brush with the inkpad.

6. Fill in color on the punched out scrap.

7. Remove scrap and fill in details with a pen.

8. Punch a hole on top and tie with ribbon of fibers.

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