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My name is Flora Grace Tan and I like to thank you for visiting making-greeting-cards.com. 

making-greeting-cards.com is a project of Heart In, a company I founded a few years back.

Flora Tan - at homeMy Messy Craft Table

Above is where I craft most of the time. My dining table serves as my craft table. Most time, it's a mess with stacks of pattern papers, and other craft supplies like markers, color pencils, glue and tape gun all over the place. 

I live in a tiny apartment and so space is very limited. Near the window is a great place to craft with natural light coming in from outside. But however limited we are constrained by space, we can still create beautiful stuff to share with others.

I believe that we are all naturally creative. Through putting pen and ink to a small piece of paper, adding some colours of our choice; a dab here and another there, we are rediscovering our creative self. And only when we have truly found ourselves, then can we really begin to love and serve others freely and without reservation.

I hope that in making cards for others, you will also discover your creative self and be enriched by the experience. Make each card with love and send them out with prayers. And may each card you made and sent bring much cheer and comfort to all you meant them for.

So, whether you are already a card-crafter or just learning this craft, welcome to making-greeting-cards.com. Make yourself a drink and spend some time looking around this card making website. May the projects on this site give you inspiration to make your own beautiful handmade cards.

So welcome to the joy of cardmaking and do practice Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K.) by sending someone a handmade "one-of-a-kind" card today and make this world a brighter place to live in.

Another Craft Website By Flora Grace Tan

My favourite hobby is card making and because this cardmaking website is so packed with cards I have made and since there are so much to share about happy birthdays, I have decided to build another website dedicated to this topic.

Christian Websites By Flora Grace

As a Christian, it is natural that I love to talk about Jesus Christ. He is awesome and since I got to know Him some 50 years ago, He had taught me many things about life and so the following two websites; one all about my spiritual journey with Jesus and the other an online storage for my favourite hymns.

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