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Fun Cards to Make for Birthdays or Valentines Day

Fun cards to make using Spirograph and other enjoyable techniques. These are greeting cards made with fun techniques for the sheer joy of creating.

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Making A Paperbag Greeting Card

Paperbag Greeting Card - Make this unique greeting card by following the simple directions given on this page.

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Card Making Paper & Cardstocks

Exciting card making paper and card stock designs from various paper companies for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Tips for using them.

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Make Your Own Craft Supplies

Make your own craft supplies and save money. Craft recipes like lickable glue for envelope flaps or faux postage stamps, blender fluid, crayon palette and more.

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Handmade Background Paper

DIY handmade background paper for car making and gift wrapping. Various ways explained to create unique designer paper.

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Saying Thank You With A Card

A thank you card is a simple way to let someone knows how much he or she is appreciated for a kindness shown.

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Some Butterfly and Dragonfly Cards

Gallery of some handmade butterfly and dragonfly cards. Cardmaking tip on making your butterfly image pops and take flight.

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A Pink Dragonfly Tag

Make this simple pink dragonfly tag to cheer someone - a little girl - who's under the weather.

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Decorative Punches

4 useful decorative punches you must have in your craft supply for card making. These are my most reach-for punches.

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Handmade Cards 002

Handmade Cards 002 : Handmade Cards Received From Friends Around The World. Though Living Far But These Cards Connect Us And Brought Each One Very Near.

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Handmade Cards 001

Handmade Cards 001 is one of the many pages of cards I received from my card-making friends around the world.

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Handmade Cards 003

Handmade Cards 003 : A gallery of handmade cards received from my friends.

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Adorable Baby Greeting Cards

Baby greeting cards to proudly announce the new born. With samples of birth announcements, baby shower invitations and baby shower thank you notes here, you can make them with flair.

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A Gallery of Card Ideas

Get card ideas to make your own greeting cards. Sometime we need inspiration. Here's are a gallery of handmade card examples to view for ideas.

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Greeting Cards Templates 03 - for Personal Cardmaking Use

Greeting cards templates 03 is the 3rd page of free templates for your personal cardmaking use.

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Greeting Cards Templates 04

Greeting Cards Templates 04 is the 4th page of free printable patterns, designs, cards and card-making templates specially created by Flora Tan for card-makers.

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Greeting Cards Templates 02

Greeting Cards Templates 02: More cardmaking templates to download and print to make your greeting cards.

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Greeting Cards Templates To Download

Free greeting cards templates to download - Japanese design patterns, postcards, origami christmas tree and more.

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Lickable Glue for Handmade Envelopes | Art Recipes

This glue for handmade envelopes is a child-safe art recipe. Safe and mess-free diy craft supply to be used with children in any kind of art and crafts project.

Continue reading "Lickable Glue for Handmade Envelopes | Art Recipes"

Decorating Envelopes Explained

Decorated envelopes are works of art by itself. The various methods to decorating them explained with samples design ideas

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Some Floral Handmade Cards

Floral handmade cards so bright and happy cards watercolored in cheerful pretty colours like Rose Bud, Sweet Plum and Dandelion for flower heads. Send to any beautiful woman in your life.

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Paper Christmas Cards & Christmas eCards. Pros & Cons

Paper Christmas cards pros and cons. Which is better? To send a paper Christmas greeting card or an eCard?

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Cutting Tools: Paper Trimmer, Craft Knife, Surgeon's Scalpel

Cutting Tools: Craft Knife, Scissors, and Trimmer - Which is a best buy for card making or paper-cutting?

Continue reading "Cutting Tools: Paper Trimmer, Craft Knife, Surgeon's Scalpel"

Angel Christmas Cards - Christmas Card Ideas - Free Instructions

Angel Christmas cards with a Scripture verse or two are great to send to your Christian friends.

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Christmas Postcards 2 - Second Part of Collection

Christmas postcards 2 is a collection of diy xmas postcards by card-makers. Find ideas here about personalized Christmas greetings in a 'carte postale'

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Christmas Post Cards - Personalized Them With Photographs

Christmas post cards created by talented ladies for a group card challenge.

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Color for the Card Designer Course

Color for the card designer course is designed to help us understand color and how to use them creatively in card making.

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Color of Spring Card

Welcome spring with this color of spring card. Is a shade card as the top is trimmed around the flowers and butterflies with a pastel garden theme

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Handmade Christmas Cards By Beryl Deacon

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards by Beryl Deacon that will dazzle you using lots of peel-off stickers and die-cuts.

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Sympathy Verses | Words of Comfort | Quotes | Poems

Need sympathy verses for condolence card? What to write in a Bereavement card to comfort a bereaved friend/relation.

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