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Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

Need Baby Shower Invitations ideas? Get inspiration and ideas here on this cardmaking website.

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Baby Girl Card And Cute Girly Tags

This Baby Girl card isn't what you'll see in the store. It's a diy pocket card with tags, hearts and stroller.

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Baby Cards Verses - Verses for Birth Announcement Cards

Use these baby cards verses for your handmade baby cards - for birth announcement and baby birthday

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Adhesives and Tapes for Card Making

Choosing the right adhesives and tapes for your card making projects to ensure that your handmade cards will not fall apart in your recipients' hands.

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Fabulous 50th Birthday Cards For Him and Her

Sensational 50th birthday cards to celebrate that big fabulous 'five-O' day simply have to be handmade to be unique and memorable.

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Card Making Supplies - Paper, Stickers, Embellishments & More

Buy card making supplies like card stocks, punches, envelopes and rubber stamps that can take your cardmaking experience even better. Free printable paper and checklist of basic tools and supplies.

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Color Scrapbook - A Great Tool for Card Designers

Create a Scrapbook for colour ideas and inspirations. Instructions on how to create, keep and use it which is a great tool to making stunning cards.

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Sticker Cards

Sticker Cards : Quick And Simple Cards You Can Make In 10 Minutes With Stickers.

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Card Making for Kids

Card making for kids - crafts using rubber stamps with children to develop creativity.

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Card Making Tips You Cannot Do Without

Must-read Card making tips for cardmakers - include rubber stamping tips - help make your cardmaking time enjoyable and stressless.

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Business Christmas Card Sayings - Wordings - Verses

Choosing business Christmas card sayings can be a bit stressful but here are words and verses to add inside your Holiday greeting cards to clients and associates.

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Business Christmas Cards Sayings - Season Greetings

Business Christmas Cards Sayings To Use With Your Christmas Cards To Clients. No more stress thinking what to write inside the cards.

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Blender Pen Fluid Recipe

A blender pen fluid recipe to refill your dried out blending markers.

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Birthday Cards Verses for Handmade Happy Birthday Greeting Cards

Need Birthday Cards verses for your homemade cards? Use one or combine two or three Birthday verses to personalise your cards.

Continue reading "Birthday Cards Verses for Handmade Happy Birthday Greeting Cards"

Cards Verses for Your Greeting Cards

List of cards verses for all occasions. Need words, quotes or poems? Free wordings to use for your greeting cards.

Continue reading "Cards Verses for Your Greeting Cards"

Free Instructions On Card Making

Instructions on card making for any card projects - Helpful cardmaking tips and directions for making cards for all occasions.

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Making Spring Cards!

Spring cards in celebration of this beautiful spring season. Some sample designs with clear images and detailed instructions provided.

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Using Japanese Rubber Stamps - Card Ideas

Need Japanese rubber stamps card making ideas? Here are some card designs that use these Oriental rubber stamps.

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Creating Fun Nature Cards With Children

Create nature cards with children from leaves, sticks and flowers you found and collected from a walk at the park around your neighbourhood.

Continue reading "Creating Fun Nature Cards With Children"

Make Your Own Stickers

How to make your own stickers for your greeting cards or scrapbooking using simple supplies like magazine images and packing tape; stuff you can easily find at home.

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Readers Cards : Ying Pang

Cards created by Ying Pang from Malaysia, submitted to this cardmaking website and showcased on this page. Lovely faux vintage cards.

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Cards by Lola Lim

Lola Lim sent her collection of handmade cards for this readers' card page. View these so sweet paper-piecing cards.

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Rubber Stamping Supplies

Basic rubber stamping supplies for Rubber Stamping explained in detail

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Think Pink Weekly Cards Challenge

Weekly Cards Challenge: Think Pink

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Henna Tattoo Card

Make this fun Henna Tattoo Card with a henna design stencil.

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Handmade Valentine Cards by Valerie Smith

These handmade Valentine Cards by Valerie Smith will surely inspire you to make your own Happy Valentine Card.

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Create a Valentine Card - Group's Weekly Cards Challenge

A Valentine Card Challenge with all the cards submitted displayed here for your inspiration.

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Thank You Cards Verses

Add These Thank You Cards Verses To You Handmade Thank You Cards.

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Sweet Teen Cards

Gallery of handmade sweet teen cards created by group members.

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Stunning Birthday Cards - Make These Happy Birthday Greeting Cards

Paper birthday cards that you will want to treasure and share with others . Each one is so lovely.

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