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Need Some Birthday Cards Verses For Your Homemade Cards?

Here are some birthday cards verses for you to add to your handmade birthday cards. Use one by itself or combine two or three birthday card verses to personalise your greeting cards.

1. Highlight your chosen birthday verses.

2. Right click and Copy.

3. Open your Microsoft Word.

4. Right click and Paste the phrases inside your Word document.

5. Change the font, size, color of the words, etc.

6. Print and trim and put inside your handmade card.

7. Note: Do remember to save your document and put it inside a folder named "Birthday Cards Verses" so that you can print whenever you need a quick phrase for your card.

I'll try to put these birthday cards verses in the following categories:

General Birthday Cards Verses

Wishing you a year filled with love and joy.
Happy Birthday, NAME!

May all your hopes and dreams come true
and your future be filled with happiness.
Happy Birthday, NAME!

Best Wishes on Your Birthday!

Have A GREAT Birthday!

May All Your Wishes Come True.
Happy Birthday!

Wanted to send you something really nice for your birthday.
Well, what's nicer than this handmade card?
Happy Birthday!

Wishing you every happiness this special day brings.
Have a wonderful birthday!

In this busy world we often take those closest to us for granted,
and we don't stop to tell them what's in our hearts...
But today seems like the perfect time to tell you how special you are
and how very much you mean.
Happy Birthday!

May today be filled with all the thing you're wishing for.
Happy Birthday!

With every joy and happiness on your special day.
Happy Birthday!

Because you are Special...
Hope your Birthday's something special,
just like you!
Have a Great Day!

A Happy Birthday Greeting!
Here's wishing you all the special things in life
That bring you happiness.
Have A Lovely Day!

Have a sunny and happy,
bright and beautiful
magical kind of day!
Happy Birthday!

Made this card and made a wish;
That all the nice things
you have hoped for
will come your way!
Many Happy Returns!

Just want to tell you that you're special,
and to wish you all the joys of a wonderful birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Card Greetings For Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!
I hope you have a great birthday!
Thanks for everything you have done.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
You deserve this day to have fun and relax!
I love you lots.

~ contributed by a reader

Birthday Cards Verses For Your Children

Happy Birthday NAME,
I'd just like to say that sons/daughters like you are hard to find!
Have a very Happy Birthday!
Love You.

Happy Birthday to You, NAME!
I'm so proud to have a son/daughter like you.

You are...
and much more.
I'm proud to have a son/daughter like you.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the world's most special daughter!

I'm so glad God send you to me.
You are a wonderful son!
Happy Birthday!

50th Birthday Cards Verses

Happy 50th Birthday to You!

Ha! You only need 5 candles for your birthday cake.
Happy 50th Birthday to a Great Guy!

Can you remember any of these...
The Rolling Stones,
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,
Jackie Gleason Show,
The Beatles,
Queen Victoria,
Dwight Eisenhower,
High Noon,
The Greatest Show On Earth,
It Takes Two To Tango,
Your Cheatin' Heart,
Tea For Two,
I love Lucy,
fountain pens,
Green Spot?
... Ha! Ha! Ha!
Happy Oldie Birthday to You!

Birthday Cards Verses from Readers

I get the last word. You can't have too many birthdays!

~ contributed by Patricia Goodnight (USA)

Patricia wrote: For an 88th birthday. I included a picture of a very laid back polar bear but you could use any appropriate picture.

Wanted to send you something
really beutiful for your birthday.
Well, what's prettier than me
not drawing on your card?
Happy Birthday!

~ contributed by Maggie KacKinlay (Canada)

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