Happy Valentines Cards
Make Your Own Love Cards
For Happy Valentine's Day

Make these Happy Valentines Cards and express your love for those you hold close to your heart. Surely a card made with your own hands is especially precious and will be treasured by the one you love.

Happy Valentines Cards

Happy Valentines Day Cards

Below are some valentines cards that I have created. Also included here are some by Valerie Smith another cardcrafter. I hope to add more to this list whenever I have leisure time to create so do visit again to see newer handmade valentines cards.

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Unique Valentines Cards

valentines day card - a pocket tag card using scrapbooking paper and heart stamps.

valentines day cards - two cards with love hearts to make.

origami valentines cards - learn to fold an origami heart card from a sheet of paper.

chic shoe card - from a pair of shoes comes the idea for this chic shoes card.

valentines cards with stickers - layering stickers to make a bouquet of flowers.

"I Love You" card - say I Love You to that special someone with this handmade card.

happy valentine cards by Valerie Smith - lovely ideas for happy valentines cards from another cardcrafter.

Valentine's Day card Challenge - these are cards created by some online friends for a card challenge.

more valentine day cards - some homemade valentine cards by cardcrafters

Love Verses, Love Quotes, Love Poems
Sentiments for Your Handmade Cards

Add a romantic sentiment to your handmade Happy Valentine's card to express your feeling and thoughts for the loved one whom you are sending the card to. Here are pages of these love quotations you can choose from.

Valentine's Day Poems

Love Quotes

Valentines Cards' Verses

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Hope to make more of these Happy Valentine's Day cards and add them here. So do check back often or join my Making Greeting Cards Facebook group or Google+ community.

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