It's been awhile since I last wrote to you. Now June is here and the summer's heat is getting to most of us. For me, to craft comfortably, I've moved my table to a air-conditioned room. I tried using a fan but the time and energy needed to chase after my flying scraps takes away much from the fun of creating.

To recap, we had some good time studying about color for card making. We did a study on understanding color theory, followed by a session on how to make a color wheel, and the last time I wrote, we learned how to create and keep a color scrapbook.

Well, I do hope that during this interval, you had time to add to your color scrapbook and should have quite a library of color ideas for your card making.

In this newsletter, we will be using one page in my color scrapbook to work on some Happy Father's Day cards. Don't forget, Father's Day is just a few days away so I hope that after this study, you'll be making that very special card for the man who has largely or to a certain extent influenced and contributed to make you what you are today.

In This Issue:

:: A Study of Color for the Card Designer : A Monochromatic Scheme - The Blue Color Palettes

:: What's New!

:: Collectable Quote for Card Making

:: Free Template/Clipart

:: Miscellaneous Matters

A Study of Color for the Card Designer : Color Palettes for Happy Father's Day Cards!

For this module on color study, we will be focusing on the no-nonsense, classic blue color palettes. This is a great color scheme to use for creating man's cards; e.g. Happy Fathers'Day Cards.

So just click on the following link to proceed to the course.

The Blue Color Palettes

And for all who has missed the previous modules, you can get them all by going to the index page on the following link:

A Study of Color for the Card Designer

What's New!

Here are some pages that are relatively new on the website.

Green Stamping

Origin of Father's Day and Father's Day Cards

Father's Day Poems

Collectable Quote for Card Making

You can copy and paste this quote into a Microsoft Word document, change the font, and print on white card stock, vellum or transparency and use it on the front of your homemade cards.

"Everyone who got where he is, had to begin where he was."

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Free Template/Clipart

Here's a clipart you can use to make a garden card. Just print out and color, trim and layer onto a blank card. It's a butterflies collage. I've also included images of butterflies in various sizes for you to make a 3D-effect card.

Printable Butterflies Collage

Another 2 images for making vintage greeting cards.

Vintage Photo #1

Woodcut Image

To download other card making templates on the website, go to the following link:

Card Making Templates

Fonts To Download For Cardmaking

Go to Font Garden for funky fonts.

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