Green Stamping
make your own stamps from vegetables

Green stamping is just like rubber stamping. The only difference is that instead of using rubber stamps, we use green vegetables. Here are some veggie cards made from veggie stamps.

I was making a batch of 'kimchi' (Korean pickled vegetables) and when I sliced off the head of the Chinese cabbage, I thought what a nice design for my cards. So for the next cabbage, I made a bigger slice, about an inch from the top. This gives me a better grip for holding the head when I stamp.

Here's what a Chinese cabbage looks like.

Green stamping with vegetables - Here's a Chinese cabbage head.Green Stamping With Cabbage Head

Below is a colourful card made with the above cabbage head. Using a combo of colour inks make this a fun card for all occasions whether to say 'Hello!' to a loved one or a friendship cards for your very best friends.

Printmaking with vegetable - a cabbage head print.Cabbage Head Print Card

Card Making Supplies for Green Stamping

  • Head of Chinese cabbage
  • Ink pads (I used Pink, Red, and Lilac colour pigment inks and also Autumn Rainbow colour dye ink)
  • glitter glues
  • kitchen tissue
  • words stamp
  • black ink pad
  • white card stock

Cardmaking Directions:

  1. Cut the head about an inch from the top of the Chinese cabbage.
  2. Place the cut part on some kitchen tissues and let it dry for half an hour. (If the head is not dry enough, the ink will be diluted and the stamped image will not be sharp. Refer the picture below - the cabbage head is still quite wet when I stamped.)
  3. Take the lilac ink pad and dab on the edges of the head.
  4. Next dab the pink and then the red in the center.
  5. Turn it and place on the card stock and press. Do not press too hard or you will wet the card stock and the image will be watery.
  6. Ink words stamp with black ink and stamp.
  7. Put aside to dry.
  8. Apply glitter glue on edges of design.

Here's another with various shades of only one muted colour and edged with gold glitters.

Muted Colour PrintA More Muted Colour Card
Green stamped card with matching envelopeCard With Matching Envelope
Veggie StampInked Cabbage

I hope you will try green stamping one day. This can be a great activity for kids too.

It's quite fun and one cabbage head can make a number of prints. You can also use other kind of vegetables to make veggie stamps.

And why not use fruit too. I believe you will have lots of ideas after seeing this page on green stamping.

Let's be creative! Think out of the box and see what we can use for card making besides rubber stamps.

Have fun!

Card-making Tips

  • Clean clear stamp immediately with dish washing detergent after use. For stubborn stain, use a dish cloth to rub off the ink stains.
  • Use clear embossing powder on coloured stamped images. If you missed any stray powder, it's not noticeable. 
  • Click here to read more card making tips.

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