Meaningful Fathers Day Poems For Cards

Need Fathers Day poems and famous quotes for your cards to Dad? Here are some I have sourced around that would be most appropriate to add to your Happy Father's Day cards.

I hope to include more poems, sayings and quotes about father to this page. Hope that these fathers day verses will be useful to you and that you will be able to create fathers day cards with these poems and sayings either in the front or inside of your handmade cards.

And beside these fathers day poems, here are also other Father's Day information you might like to view.

daddy dearest/Father's Day Card
  • Fathers Day - A brief history on the origin of this special day for all the dads in the world.
  • A stitched card as well as links to a collection of cards for dad.
  • Some printable Fathers Day cards to download and print on your computer.

Fathers Day Poems

Just choose one from the list of Fathers Day poems and quotes that you like and print it onto the inside of your card. It makes the father's day card so much more meaningful and unique.

A Dad is 

A Dad is respected because he gives his children leadership. 

A Dad is appreciated because he gives his children care. 

A Dad is valued because he gives his children time. 

A Dad is loved because he gives his children the one thing they treasure most - himself. 

~ Author Unknown (taken from a church bulletin)

A Place Just For Dad 

We may not shower him with praise 
Nor mention his name in song, 
And sometimes it seems that we forget 
The joy he spreads as he goes along, 
But it doesn't mean that we don't know 
The wonderful role that he has had. 
And away down deep in every heart 
There's a place that is just for Dad... 

~ Author Unknown

Here's another of the many beautiful fathers day poems that children can add to a Fathers Day card together or recite it on Father's Day.

What Makes A Dad 

God took the strength of a mountain, 
The majesty of a tree, 
The warmth of a summer sun, 
The calm of a quiet sea, 

The generous soul of nature, 
The comforting arm of night, 
The wisdom of the ages, 
The power of the eagle's flight, 

The joy of a morning in spring, 
The faith of a mustard seed, 
The patience of eternity, 
The depth of a family need, 

Then God combined these qualities, 
When there was nothing more to add, 
He knew His masterpiece was complete, 
And so, He called it ... Dad 

~ Author Unknown

A Father Means... 

A Father means so many things... 
An understanding heart, 
A source of strength and support right from the very start. 

A constant readiness to help 
In a kind and thoughtful way. 
With encouragement and forgiveness, 

No matter what comes your way. 
A special generosity and always affection, too. 
A father means so many things 
when he's a man like you.... 

~ Author Unknown

I have included this one on the left in the fathers day poems although it was originally written for Mother's Day. I took the liberty of substituting the word 'Father's Day' for 'Mother's Day'.

Happy Father's Day 

"Happy Father's Day" means more than have a happy day. 
Within those words lie lots of things we never get to say. 
It means we love you first of all, 
Then thanks for all you do. 
It means you mean a lot to us, 
And that we honor you. 

But most of all, I guess it means that we are thinking of... 
Your happiness on this, your day, 
with pleasure and with love. 

~ Author Unknown

Grandfathers Are Fathers Who Are Grand 

Grandfathers are fathers who are grand, 
Restoring the sense that our most precious things 
Are those that do not change much over time. 
No love of childhood is more sublime, 
Demanding little, giving on demand, 
Far more inclined than most to grant the wings 
Allowing us to reach enchanted lands. 

Though grandfathers must serve as second fathers, 
Helping out with young and restless hearts, 
Each has all the patience wisdom brings, 
Remembering our passions more than others, 
Soothing us with old and well-honed arts. 

~ Author Unknown

Daddy, I Love You 

Daddy, I love you 
For all that you do. 
I'll kiss you and hug you 
'Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me 
To teach you to play, 
So smile 'cause I love you 
On this Father's Day. 

~ Author Unknown

To My Dad on His Day 

To my dad on his day, 
Of whom I am a living will: 
May your happiness fulfil 
Your goodness, as is just and right. 
Deeds are seeds upon the night 
As wind and wonder have their way, 
Delivering the destined light. 

~ Author Unknown


"Walk a little slower, Daddy," 
said a child so small. 
"I'm following in your footsteps 
and I don't want to fall. 

Sometimes your steps are very fast, 
Sometimes they're hard to see; 
So walk a little slower, Daddy, 
For you are leading me. 

Someday when I'm all grown up, 
You're what I want to be; 
Then I will have a little child 
Who'll want to follow me. 

And I would want to lead just right, 
And know that I was true; 
So, walk a little slower, Daddy, 
For I must follow you." 

~ Author Unknown

Please Daddy, Let's Go 

A little girl with shining eyes, 
Her upturned face aglow, 
Said, "Daddy, it's almost time 
For Sunday School, you know; 
Let's go and hear of Jesus' love 
Of how He died for all, 
To take them to His home above 
Who on His name will call." 

"Oh no," said Daddy, "Not to-day; 
I've worked hard all the week; 
And I must have one day of rest, 
And fishing's find they say; 
So run along, don't bother me, 
We'll go another day." 

Months and years have passed away, 
But Daddy hears that plea no more-- 
"Let's go to Sunday School..." 
Those childish days are o'er. 
And now that Daddy's growing old, 
And life is almost through, 
He finds some time to go to church, 
But, what does daughter do? 

She says, "Oh, daddy, not to-day. 
Was out almost all night; 
I've got to get a little sleep: 
Besides, I look a fright." 
Then daddy lifts a trembling hand 
To brush away the tears; 

Again he hears that pleading voice, 
Distinctly through the years, 
He sees a small girl's upturned face, 
Upturned with eyes aglow, 
Saying, "It's time for Sunday School. 
Please, Daddy, won't you go?" 

~ Author Unknown

Father's Day Quotes and Sayings

Beside the above Fathers Day poems, here are some quotes and sayings about fathers. The Fathers Day poems might be a bit long to include in your handmade cards - these quotes are short and might be better.

"None of you can ever be proud enough of being the child of such a Father who has not his equal in this world  - so great, so good, so faultless. 
Try, all of you, to follow in his footsteps and don't be discouraged, for to be really in everything like him none of you, I am sure, will ever be. 
Try, therefore, to be like him in some points, and you will have acquired a great deal." 

~ Victoria, Queen of England

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him Father!" 

~ Lydia M. Child

"It is a wise father that knows his own child." 

~ William Shakespeare

"To be a successful father . . . there's one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don't look at it for the first two years." 

~ Ernest Hemingway

"It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was." 

~ Anne Sexton

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."

~ English Proverb

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." 

~ Sigmund Freud

"Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young, 
Who loved thee so fondly as he? 
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue, 
And joined in thy innocent glee." 

~ Margaret Courtney

"If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right." 

~ Bill Crosby

Hope these Fathers Day poems and sayings will help to make your Fathers Day celebration even more meaningful.

Note: You can print these fathers day poems and saying for your handmade Fathers Day Cards using funky or decorative fonts from your computer.

Ideas for Using These Poems & Words

  • Handwrite a fathers day poem on decorated paper and insert inside your handmade card.
  • Print it using your computer printer on vellum. First, choose an appropriate font. Make sure that the font size is big enough to be read when printed.
  • If the poem is short enough, you can print it on the front of your card and surround it with rubber stamp or clipart images.
  • Read it to your dad on Father's Day - maybe during lunch or dinner.
  • Print it on color vellum, burn the edges and roll it like a scroll and tie a ribbon and present it with your father's day gift to your dad.
  • I'm sure you will find many other creative ways to use these Fathers Day poems to make Father's Day memorable.

If any of these fathers day poems and sayings is copyrighted and should not be listed here, please do let me know and I will remove it immediately.

On the other hand, if you have fathers day poems to share with us, just send me the poems and if appropriate, I will include it here. 

The fastest way is to add it to the comment section below.

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