Color for the Card Designer
- A Color Study Course -

This Color for the Card Designer course is designed to help us understand color and how to use them creatively in our card making.

Color is a very important aspect of card making. The first impression of a handmade card is the color scheme used by the card crafter. The choices of colors used on the card can affect the overall look of our creation.

Color for the Card DesignerPantone Colours

A Study of Color for the Card Designer Course

Color and Colour 

Please note that I might be using the two words 'color' and 'colour' interchangeably.  They mean the same thing. As a Singaporean, we usually spell it with a 'u' but I believe in the States, our American friends spell it without the 'u'.  :-)

In this A Study of Colour for the Card Designer course, we will look at some basic color principles that can help us mix and use color successfully to enhance our cards.

These will include the following modules:

We will also study individual color palette and discuss the mood the colors in each palette evoke. From each study of the color palettes, we will challenge ourselves to create cards using colors from the palette.

Throughout this course, an array of card samples using the particular color palette will be included to aid us in our learning and understanding of using colors in our card making.

In this section, we will also touch on how to choose colors for the different style of cards we want to create. For example, the color scheme for a Victorian style card will be totally different from a Japanese or Chinese style card. This will also be true for the different occasion cards. e.g. Christmas Cards, Sympathy Cards or Baby Shower Invitation Cards.

The main objective is that from these lessons, we will be able to use color in our card making with confidence. And hopefully, every card we create will have a sense of color balance and harmony.

Samples of Using Colors in Cards

Here are some (will be adding more gradually) ideas for using color themes in our card making.

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