Hello! Thanksgiving has come and gone and now almost everyone is preparing for Christmas.

The shopping malls are crowded with Christmas shoppers hunting for good bargains for their Christmas gifts.

This is a lovely time to walk down Orchard Road in Singapore with my digital camera. The streets are bright and merry with all the lights and decorations. Shoppers with their colorful bags add to the festive mood of the Christmas season. And in all the shopping malls, you can hear the evergreen Christmas carols.

What a feeling! With my camera in hands, I love to stroll along the streets, mingling with shoppers and take photos of all the lights and decorations. These photos are great for making Christmas Photo Cards.

In fact, here within this e-newsletter, you will be able to view some Christmas Photo Cards created by some of our readers. And beside these, there are also pages of homemade Christmas cards that will inspire you to make your own this Christmas.

In this newsletter, you will also be into your second module of the A Study of Color for the Card Designer course.

I hope that you will enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed preparing each module.

In This Issue:

:: A Study of Color for the Card Designer : Making A Color Wheel

:: What's Happening in the MakingGreetingCards Community?

:: Collectable Quote for Card Making

:: Free Template

:: Miscellaneous Matters

A Study of Color for the Card Designer : Making A Color Wheel

For this second module on color study, we will be focusing on the Color Wheel. This is a fun lesson so please do not pressure yourself to create a perfect color wheel. More important is that we learn to understand color and see the changes made when we add one hue to another.

So just click on the following link to proceed to the course.

Making A Color Wheel

What's Happening in the MakingGreetingCards Community?

At the time of writing this enewsletter, we have altogether 240 members in the community.

Not all members actively participate in the community but for those who do, we are getting to know one another better.

Last week we had Christmas Photo Cards as our Weekly Card Challenge.(This Weekly Card Challenge (WCC) as the name suggests, is a weekly event. Every monday a new challenge is presented to the group and each member is encouraged to create a card that is according to the challenge theme for the week and upload it to the group's photo album.

Some members participated and created some Christmas photo cards with photos of their grandchildren, some with their cats, etc. From these photo cards, we got to learn more of one another.

To view the Christmas Photo Cards, just click:

Christmas Photo Cards

Other samples of Christmas cards can be viewed by clicking the following links:

Traditional Christmas Cards

Business Christmas Cards

Christmas Postcards

Christmas Postcards 2

Christmas Cards from Friends

Valerie's Christmas Cards

Beryl's Christmas Cards

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, just join the group.

MakingGreetingCards Group

Collectable Quote for Card Making

"Love came down at Christmas; love all lovely, love divine; love was born at Christmas, stars and angels gave the sign."

~ Christina G. Rossetti

Free Templates

For those who have not downloaded the color wheel template, here is the link:

Color Wheel Template

Postcard Templates

To create some Christmas Postcards, just download the following postcard templates and print on heavy cardstock. Each A4 size sheet of paper can make 4 postcards.

English Postcard Templates

Chinese Postcard Templates

Japanese Postcard Templates

2007 Calendar Templates

I have uploaded the 2007 Calendar Templates and are selling them on the website. Beside the templates, there's also some calendars that come with images which you can download and print straight away.

So if you are thinking of creating Calendars to put into your Christmas stockings, please do support Making-Greeting-Cards.com with your purchase of any of these templates. Your support will help alot towards the maintainence of this huge website.

Decorate A Calendar

And here are three printable Calendars with pictures of flowers for every month.

Completed 2007 Calendars

Fonts To Download For Cardmaking

To download some fonts for cardmaking, go to Font Garden.

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Make it a great day! Send someone a homemade Christmas card this Christmas!

Flora Tan

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