Greeting Cards Templates 02

Greeting cards templates 02 is an additional page of freebies for you to download some useful card making patterns/templates onto your computer to print out and use for your handmade cards.

japanese postcard templateJapanese Postcard

These templates are all created in Adobe Photoshop and sometime with Adobe Illustrator and finally converted to PDF files.

To print them you need to have Adobe Reader version 5 or above on your computer. Get Adobe Reader

I sincerely hope that these files will be of some help to you in making your own greeting cards. Would love to hear how you make use of these templates. Just contact me and or share your handmade creations on this website.

Just click on any of the links below to view and print directly.

Note: Please do not copy and upload this card-making templates to your websites or any group's websites. You can link to this page or forward this page to a friend or your groups freely. These templates are for you to personally download onto your computer and use freely on your cards. Thank you for your cooperation. Just that I have stayed up and spent many nights working on my computer creating these cardmaking design/templates.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Happy Fathers Day Card 01

Happy Fathers Day Card to print out on your computer. Just use white or cream color cardstocks and print.

Happy Fathers Day Card 02

Another printable Happy Fathers Day Card. Use white or cream color cardstock.

Japanese Design 1

A typical Japanese wave background design in grey lines so you can print, cut out and colour with any colouring medias for card background or as a border design.

Japanese Postcard Template 1

Will print 4 postcards in a A4 sheet of heavyweight paper. This is created just like our normal western postcards - horizontal with a vertical line dividing the space for the recipient's address and a section for you to write your message.

Japanese Postcard Template 2

Will print 4 postcards in a A4 sized cardstock. This is a Japanese postcard with 7 boxes on the top next to the postage stamp's space for the receipient's zipcode and the bottom 7 boxes are for the sender's address zipcode.

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