Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Friends and Family

Sending birthday wishes for friends and family? Need help to write a touching down-to-earth message that will convey your wishes to him or her sincerely?

Have A Special Day!

Here are some birthday wishes for friends and family that I have written that will hopefully assist you to convey your feeling. Combine them or edit them to make them truly your own words.

Keep it casual and simple. Be real!

Be casual when writing to a friend. Use slang and tone you usually use when talking to him or her; just like you are conversing face to face with your friend or family member.

Write a rough copy and check online or hardcopy dictionary for correct spelling, etc. before rewriting the birthday wishes inside the birthday card.

Remember, when we send birthday blessings, they should come from our heart with a desire to bless the birthday person. 

Best Birthday Wishes for Friends and Family

Here are some birthday wishes for friends and family that you can use freely in your store-bought or handmade birthday greeting cards. Though many of these mention 'friend' but you can change it to a family member; example, instead of 'my friend' just edit to 'my cousin' or 'my brother/sister'.

Happy Birthday, (Name)! Have a beautiful day and God's richest blessings over you.

My Bestie! I hope your birthday is everything you wish for.

My dear (Name), may the year ahead brings you many good things; good friends, good food and optimal health.

Happy Birthday, my friend! May all your desires come true. May you always be happy.

Hello friend! How old are you? I need to know how many candles to put on your birthday cake. And also whether I need to bring along a fire extinguisher. Happy Birthday!!! :-D

Dear friend! May your year be filled with happiness and all the things you desire. May you be forever 21. :-)

To my forever friend, may all your wishes be fulfilled and may you remain slim, youthful and beautiful always. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes

Christian Birthday Wishes for Friends and Family

The following birthday wishes for friends and family are greetings I received or sent to church members via WhatsApp or in a physical greeting card that I created. Maybe, you might find these helpful to send to cell group members or believing family members.

Blessed Birthday, (Name)!
The Lord directs your step and bless you with much more in your health, joy, strength and all good things.

Our God bless you and wrap His mighty loving arms of protection around you on this special day and forever. Blessed Birthday, (Name)!

Blessed Birthday, (Name)!
Enjoy your special day!

Blessed Birthday, (Name)!

Stay healthy, youthful, creative and joyful in the Lord! May you receive great and fresh revelations from His Word! Enjoy your special day!

May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart on this special day as you continue to gaze upon His loveliness daily. Have a joyous celebration!

Blessed Birthday, (Name)!
The Lord renews your youth like the eagle and fills you with His shalom peace daily. Enjoy this special day with your family.

Belated Birthday Wishes

There are times when because of our hectic life and busy schedules, we forgot to remember important dates. For other events, when we missed, we might not be able to do much about it. But for a birthday, we can always send belated birthday greetings.

A Belated Birthday, (Name)!
So so sorry I missed the actual day.

OH (Name)!
How can I ever forget your birthday?
A belated blessed birthday to you.
May our good Abba Father continue to shower His blessings and favour upon you.
Hahaha! I'm sure you must be very busy with all the feasting.

Belated Birthday Blessings to (Name)!
Speaking and declaring Abba God's goodness, blessings and favour over you as you begin this new season in your life.

Replying Birthday Wishes

In response to birthday wishes from friends and family members, we can send any of the replies below. But remember, just be yourself. Write or say it from your heart spontaneously.

Thank you for your love, friendship, wishes and blessings. I'm so blessed!!!

Sweet (Name)! Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and taking time out to celebrate with me,

Thank you! Thank you! I'm so happy that you were able to spend time with me on my most special day. I enjoyed every moment of it and am looking forward to celebrating your birthday soon. :-)

My dear dear friend! Thank you so much for your declarations over me. I believe and receive your birthday wishes and declarations over me. Thank you also for the lovely birthday card. Indeed, I am greatly blessed, deeply loved and highly favoured. 

Finally, I hope that these birthday wishes for friends and family members will be really useful and helpful to you; this is especially for those who find difficulties coming up with good birthday greetings. 

For more birthday greetings, just click here or here for birthday quotes.

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