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Handmade Valentine Cards by Valerie Smith

These handmade Valentine Cards by Valerie Smith will surely inspire you to make your own Happy Valentine Card.

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Fun Cards To Make With Children Or Friends

Fun cards to make using Spirograph and other enjoyable techniques. These are greeting cards made with fun techniques for the sheer joy of creating.

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Green Stamping Veggie Cards

Try green stamping! It's fun for children and yourself. Make your own stamps from vegetables and make some fun veggie cards.

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Vals Thinking of You Cards

Vals Thinking of You Cards by Valerie Smith That Will Give You Some Ideas To Make Your Own Greeting Cards.

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Vals Baby Cards

Vals baby cards are handmade baby cards by Valerie Smith.

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Vals Christmas Cards

Vals Christmas cards are lovely! Val was a reader and a Facebook friend whom I have never met face to face.

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Unique Handmade Holiday Cards

Make handmade holiday cards spectacular with 3D effects as well as vivid by coloring with copic markers or other color markers.

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Card Making by Helen Wilshaw

Card Making by Helen Wilshaw - All these are unique handmade cards by Helen Wilshaw from the United Kingdom.

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Readers Cards

Readers cards are handmade cards created by readers who love making greeting cards. These are their handiworks and are unique and so beautiful. Have a look!

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Lovely Mothers Day Greeting Cards

Lovely Mothers Day Greeting Cards - Easy To Make - Great As Mother's Day Cards. Learn To Make Them For Your Mom Today!

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A Happy Mothers Day Card

A happy mothers day card - let's make our own happy bright color homemade mother's day cards.

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Aged Parchment Mothers Day Poem

Turn a mothers day poem into a gift for mom. No doubt a cheap mothers day gift but in the eyes of any mother - priceless!

Continue reading "Aged Parchment Mothers Day Poem"

A Poem for Mother

A poem for mother written for a mum by a daughter. Include it inside your Mother's Day card to express your love and appreciation.

Continue reading "A Poem for Mother"

Happy Mothers Day Cards

Bless mom with one of these Mothers Day cards. Something unique and special for that so important woman in your life.

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Just For You Card for a Friend

A Just For You Card created specially for an online friend using charm and a mini rubber stamp image.

Continue reading "Just For You Card for a Friend"

Friendship Cards - Friends Matter

Handmade friendship cards created specially for your buddy. Friends matter - send a special best friends greeting card.

Continue reading "Friendship Cards - Friends Matter"

Fabulous 50th Birthday Cards For Him or Her

Sensational 50th birthday cards to celebrate that big fabulous 'five-O' day simply have to be handmade to be unique and memorable.

Continue reading "Fabulous 50th Birthday Cards For Him or Her"

Thank You Verses and Quotes

Need Thank You Verses Or Quotes For Your Store Bought or Homemade Cards? Here are a collection of quotes and verses for saying Thank You!.

Continue reading "Thank You Verses and Quotes"

Traditional Wreath Christmas Cards

The traditional wreath Christmas cards are easy to make and also a joy to receive. Wreaths for Christmas cards can never go out of fashion.

Continue reading "Traditional Wreath Christmas Cards"

So Touching Mothers Day Poems

Mothers day poems about motherhood and for moms from daughters or sons to add to handmade greeting cards for Happy Mother's Day.

Continue reading "So Touching Mothers Day Poems"

Mothers Day Quotes

Some mothers day quotes for you to add to your mother's day card. Just reading these quotes reminds me of my mum.

Continue reading "Mothers Day Quotes"

Happy Mothers Day Poetry

Mothers day poetry in tribute to all mothers. Use these in your Happy Mother's card or for other gift purpose.

Continue reading "Happy Mothers Day Poetry"

Readers Cards : Ying Pang

Cards created by Ying Pang from Malaysia, submitted to this cardmaking website and showcased on this page. Lovely faux vintage cards.

Continue reading "Readers Cards : Ying Pang"

Readers' Cards : Ying Pang 02

Ying Pang 02: Another Page Dedicated To Ying Pang's Handmade Cards

Continue reading "Readers' Cards : Ying Pang 02"

Readers' Cards : Ying Pang 03

Ying Pang 03: Another page of Ying Pang's creative works.

Continue reading "Readers' Cards : Ying Pang 03"

Home Business License For Your Work At Home Business

Get a home business license and make your work at home business legal. Step by step guide on how to get your home based business license.

Continue reading "Home Business License For Your Work At Home Business"

Pricing Homemade Cards

Pricing homemade cards for a profit - What is the right price! How much to charge for your homemade cards?

Continue reading "Pricing Homemade Cards"

3 Work At Home Tips

3 work at home tips for a successful home business.

Continue reading "3 Work At Home Tips"

Sell Cards From Home. Send Out Cards For Others.

How to sell cards working at home. You can help business owners make and send out cards to their clients and other ideas.

Continue reading "Sell Cards From Home. Send Out Cards For Others."

Starting A Greeting Card Business

Starting a greeting card business is not difficult. But can you make enough money to quit your day job and work at home?

Continue reading "Starting A Greeting Card Business"

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