Cards Verses and Quotes
- words, quotes and poems for greeting cards

Lots of cards verses for all occasion greeting cards.

Homemade cards without any handwritten, hand-stamped or computer printed greeting card verses will just be a piece of art and has no real significance to the recipients.

Cards Verses for ChristmasPrinted Christmas Card Verse In Lovely Teal

To personalise your handmade greeting cards, add one of these short verses to it. You will find here a list of verses for greeting cards, famous quotes and greeting card sentiments or sayings for your handmade cards for all occasions.

You will also find quotes to use for your homemade cards. 

Inspirational quotes like love quotes for your Valentines cards, great quotes by famous people, movie quotes, friendship quotes, motivational quotes, graduation quotes, birthday quotes, appropriate bible quotes, inspiring life quotes, and other good quotes that will help you make beautiful, well meaning and personalised greeting cards.

And if you have a good quote or verse to share, please contact me and I will include it in the relevant list.

Choose one, or more and combine them. Freely use these card sayings to bring a smile to the hearts of your friends or loved ones.

Links to Various Categories of Cards Verses

Cards Verses for Christmas

Christmas Verses (I)

Christmas verses that can enable you to make your holidays cards so much more meaningful. 

Click here to read the card verses for handmade Christmas greeting cards.

Christmas Verses (II)

Second page of Christmas verses to put inside your holidays greeting cards. 

Click here to read the card verses for handmade Christmas greeting cards.

Christian Christmas Verses

These are card verses and sayings with a Christian message. 

Click here to read the Christian card verses for your handmade religious Christmas greeting cards.

Christmas Scripture Verses

A collection of bible verses that are related to the season. 

Click here to get the Bible Christmas verses to add to your handmade Christian Christmas greeting cards.

Business Christmas Verses

These corporate card verses can be included in your season greetings to your clients especially if you are in the real estate business, life insurance, direct sales marketing, hair or beauty salon, neighbourhood stores, or any other small businesses. 

So if you are making holiday cards for your contact lists, these are the verses to use in your cards. 

Click here to view the business card verses for handmade Christmas greeting cards to clients and business associates. 

Verses for Birthday Cards

A Birthday card verse from a friend.Printed Birthday Card Verse

Birthday Verses

So many birthday cards to make each year - looking for a verse or saying to add inside your handmade card? Here's a page of card verses that will definitely be very helpful to card crafters. 

Click here to view the card verses for handmade Birthday cards.

Birthday Invitation Verses

Throwing a birthday party for your child or someone's 50th birthday? Here are some invitation verses that will be appropriate for those handmade birthday invitation cards. 

Click here to view the invitation verses for birthday invitation cards. 

Birthday Wishes for Friends

Sending birthday wishes for friends and family? Need help to write a touching down-to-earth message that will convey your wishes to him or her sincerely? 

Click here to view all the birthday wishes. Includes replies and belated birthday wishes.

Happy Mother's Day Verses

Add a Mother's Day poem or quote to your handmade Mothers Day card. With these Mothers Day poems and quotes, you will never run out of words to add to your Mother's Day greeting cards again.

Happy Father's Day Verses

Show your appreciation to your dad with a handmade card and tell him he's wonderful with one of these fathers day poems or sayings. 

Click here to view the father's day card verses. 

More Card Verses

Beside the above cards verses, there are also verses for other special occasions like Baby Card verses, Sympathy Card verses, Wedding verses, Christian verses, Friendship card verses, and Thank You verses.

Click here to view other card verses. 

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