Card Makers and Their Handmade Cards
Be inspired by their card-making techniques and style.

Calling all Card Makers! If you need to get some ideas for creating homemade cards, here is the place.

In this Readers Cards corner, you will be able to view other card crafters' creations and gather ideas and inspiration to create your own cards.

Here are the links to the Readers Cards that readers of this website has submitted. Most of these cards are scanned and emailed to me. I have uploaded them as they are to the pages. So you will see that they are all of different sizes. But the images are clear and I hope you will be able to enjoy them. So take your time and browse.

Beautiful Handmade Cards by Card Makers

Just click on the image or name to go to each card maker's page on

Like to see your cards here on this website! Just fill in the form provided here and I will get back to you as soon as possible on how to send me your scanned pictures of your handmade cards.

There is no charge for this service so you can send in as many as you like.

Information on how you created the card or any other story behind the card is necessary. For example, the card making supplies used and the steps taken to make the cards should be listed.

Creative Handmade Cards by Some Makers of Cards

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