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30th November 2004 (Tuesday 12:17pm)

Message received from Cheryl T.(Singapore):Hi Aunt Flora! Remember me? I am S.T.'s daughter. Recently you sent my father a e-mail asking me to visit your website. I am replying back to tell you that i had seen your website and it's simply beautiful! I love all those creative designs that you had created on the 'Birthday Cards' section.I think you are very talented in arts and craft. If you are free, can you send me a 'Friendship' card? May God Bless You! Regards, Cheryl."

29th November 2004 (Monday 11:49am)

Message received from Nancy W.(U.S.A.):Thank you so much for such a wonderful source of information and templates!."

11th November 2004 (Thursday 11:00am)

Message received from Beverly D.(Australia):Flora, can you tell me if Mizuki cord and Japanese papers, are available in Singapore, and if so, where? I am shortly to visit singapore. "

6th November 2004 (Friday 15:13pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Last night I spent one whole evening making one card. You can see it on the Christmas Cards Page. Scroll down and it's the last card with a Japanese stamped image against some temari balls.


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