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30th September 2004 (Thursday 07:16am)

Yesterday, one of the rubber stamping groups were chatting about organizing our stamp rooms/craft rooms. Well, I have organized my card making books and magazines into plastic boxes with rollers. I got those boxes from one of the departmental stores and the magazines and big hard covered books fixed nicely in them. I just roll them out from under the big table whenever I like to browse and get some inspiration.

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28th September 2004 (Tuesday 15:26pm)

Have been tidying up my website; reducing the sizes of images, etc. Also uploaded Debbie's card.

Flora at Greeting Cards Blog

23rd September 2004 (Thursday 11:14am)

Linda's card is uploaded. Now to add some more contents to my site. Took some photos with my digital camera yesterday at the florist shop. The vendor was kind to let me take close-up photos of his blossoming plants. Will be uploading them to my computer and hope to make some photo cards with them. I think they are going to turn up great.

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23rd September 2004 (Thursday 09:34am)

Message received from Sue M. (USA): "Hi Flora! I'd love to get your e-zine and keep up with all you're doing. I wish I had the computer skills to make a website for myself..and I would love a blog!"

22nd September 2004 (Wednesday 08:20am)

Message received from Linda M.(USA): "Hi Flora, love your site, can't wait for the rest."

22nd September 2004 (Wednesday 06:50am)

Received a beautiful handmade card from Linda M.(USA) I'm so touched by her thoughtfulness. Will put up her card on this site today.

Flora at Greeting Cards Blog

15th September 2004 (Wednesday 23:10am)

Just put up the "Simple Cards" page. Will be adding more quick and simple cards to the page in the next two days.


14th September 2004 (Tuesday 14:38pm)

I am all excited about this site. So much to put in so I hope to stay up tonight and do as much as I can.


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