Creating Fun Nature Cards

I had so much fun creating nature cards from leaves, sticks and flowers.

Here are a few cards I created using just leaves I picked while taking a nature walk with my niece and nephew in the park. It is so much fun. You can create lots of nature cards just from one leaf. In fact, it' so easy that you could also do these cards with children.

Yes, how about making a day of it with your kids? Take a nature walk in the morning and be back for lunch and then have an afternoon nap. Remember to dip the stem of the leaves in a small container of water to keep them fresh.

Then have the kids wake up refreshed from their short nap ready to play with making arts with nature supplies.

The above is just an idea you can have with your children.

And here are the cards I made with the leaves I picked.

printing with leaves

Above picture: Here I used a cluster of leaves and applying pigment inks directly on the leaves and print.

Pictue below: A homemade nature card created just by using one big leaf

nature card

Nature Card Making Supplies:

1. a big leaf

2. pigment inkpads: green, yellow and bird

3. lady bird rubber stamp

4. white cardstock

5. brayer

6. tissue

8. Color media: color pencils, watercolor or markers

Nature Cards Making Instructions:

1. Apply yellow ink on certain part directly on the leaf.

2. Brayer back and forth on green inkpad.

3. Roll brayer over leaf.

4. Turn leaf over onto white cardstock.

5. Spread a piece of tissue on top of leaf and press all over the leaf to get an impression.

6. Ink ladybird rubber stamp with black ink and stamp on imprint of leaf.

7. Color the ladybird.

Isn't that easy? Make a few of them. They are fun to make and I'm sure wonderful to receive them in the post too.

Have fun!

embossed leaf on card

Here's one I created with embossing powder.

1. Ink the leaf with pigment ink.

2. Press onto your cardstock.

3. Pour embossing powder over the imprint of the leaf.

4. Shake off excess powder and heat with heat gun.

5. Then spread a tissue over it and iron over it to get that engraved fossil look.

6. Finally, color using watercolor do a color wash over the embossed print.

7. Then you can cut and layer it over co-ordinating color cardstocks.

Try it! I'm sure you will enjoy making them.

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