Vintage Photo 1

Vintage Photo 1 - This is the first vintage photo I'm adding to the website for you to use on your homemade cards.

Instructions on saving this image to your computer:

1. Place your mouse cursor on the image and right click.

2. Click "Save Image As"

3. When the window open up - choose where you want to save the file - e.g. desktop, etc.

4. Click "Save" and that's it.

This is a jpg file so you can open it with your photo editing software like Photoshop CS. or even the free Paint program that comes with your Windows system.

See below for ideas on using this image.


vintage photo

Note: You can print texts for your homemade cards using funky or decorative fonts from Font Garden.

What to do with this image? Here are some ideas:

1. You can modify it in your photo editor or leave it as it is.

2. Print it out on glossy photo paper or cardstock.

3. Now is the fun part - you can burn around the edges, tear and stain the edges, paint on it, stamp words on it, highlight some part with gold leaf, or gold gel pen. You can also add lace or ribbon to it with a machine or hand stitching. Embellished with buttons, silk flowers, etc.

4. Layer and mount it onto a blank card front.

5. Finally, have fun!

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