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A Chinese New Year gift with a Lunar New Year greeting card created all by yourself in the comfort of your home will surely bring a smile to the recipients.

Yes! Why not surprise your friends, relatives or neighbours with home-packed gifts for Chinese New Year? Make it special! Make it different!

supplies used

  • red color cardstock - A4 or Letter size"
  • 2 x orange color cardstock die cut frame
  • new spring rubber stamp by Komodo
  • paper blossom flowers
  • black ink pad
  • gold color ink pen
  • red and blue color strings
  • bone folder
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • decorative scissors
  • paper bag template


  • open out a paper bag and use as a template.
  • cut, score, fold and glue your red card stock to make a paperbag.
  • stamp 'new' spring' words with black ink on front and back of red paper bag.
  • apply glue to gold frame die cuts and attach to front and back of paper bag.
  • use the gold color ink pen to write Happy New Year on the side of the black stamped words.
  • use decorative scissors to trim top of paper bag.
  • put in sweets or other candies like chocolate and nuts.
  • fold top of paper bag about 1" to make a flap.
  • punch two holes.
  • tie with the red and blue strings and attach blossom flowers with glue.

You can also use this chinese new year gift paper bag to put in those small mandarin oranges or round sweet cakes.

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