Happy Chinese New Year Greeting Cards
Homemade Wishes for a Prosperous Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year greeting cards can be purchased cheaply almost everywhere over here in Singapore weeks before the festive holidays. But I still prefer to make them myself. I guess because I have all the card making tools and supplies and it is so much fun to make them anyway.

Of all the Chinese holidays, Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year is the most important for the Chinese.

Couplets and papercutting adorned doors of traditional Chinese homes. Red lanterns and other auspicious decorations will be put up in the home weeks before Chinese New Year.

The following Chinese New Year greeting cards are Chinese greetings I made and sent out to family members and friends near and far. 

My Homemade Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Red Chinese New Year Greeting CardRed on White Pocket Tag Card

Stamp, emboss and fold this pocket tag greeting card to bring in the lunar new year. You can also use this design for other occasion cards.

Click here to view instructions for making this Oriental New Year card 

Chinese New Year Card smallRed and Gold Greeting Card

This is a simple red and gold Lunar New Year greeting card that reminds me of those Chinese gates to many old Chinese homes.

It's a gatefold greeting card that looks like a door with a round sign in the centre. The two flaps open up to reveal the Chinese greetings also 

Click here to view instructions for making this Chinese New Year card.

Blossom Chinese Greetings - Everything is GoodBlossom Chinese Greetings

Another Chinese greeting card in the auspicious red color. Here the Chinese greeting is rubber stamped in black ink against a gold background and is the main focus point for this Lunar New Year card.

Framing this greeting are die cut pink and white paper blossom flowers.

Click here to view instructions for making this Lunar New Year card.

Chinese Prosperity WishesGong Xi Fa Cai

Here's a Chinese greeting card with the typical Chinese greetings you'll hear on almost everybody's lips during the fifteen days of Chinese New Year - gong xi fa cai. A direct translation for this greetings is Congratulations and Be Prosperous!

Click here to view instructions for making this Chinese New Year greeting card.

Homemade Chinese New Year Gifts

Chinese New Year Gift IdeasNew Spring - Red Goodies Packs

A Chinese New Year gift to bring in the new year. A red bag of candies is the best gift to give during this time.

Giving and eating sweet stuffs mean that the new year will be a smooth and sweet year. So by giving a bag of sweets, the giver is wishing the recipient a happy year ahead.

Click here to view instructions for making this Chinese New Year gift pack.

Hope to put more Oriental cards here. Lots of ideas but so little time but will get those cards done as I so love to make these greeting cards and send them out to bless others.  :-)

Chinese New Year Cards

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