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Personalized Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas photo cards are like scrapbooking cards with photographs of family.

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Christmas Greeting cards With Photographs
Just Like Scrapbooking Cards

These handmade Christmas Photo Cards were created by the lovely ladies at MakingGreetingCards. To receive any of these photo cards is to receive a keepsake that one will treasure for years to come.

Is it easy to make these Christmas photograph cards?

It can be as easy as pasting a photo on the front of a blank card and adding a Christmas message inside the greeting card.

But if you are like me, you might like to add a computer generated clipart image, a stamped image or even a hand-drawn frame around the photo. By then, your creative juice will be flowing overtime and it's likely that you will start adding some glitters here and there, 3 dimensional dots or little squiggles. And who knows, you might even want to sew some stitches, and add a few beads, etc. Yes! These can be like those scrapbooking cards scrapbookers love to make.

Well, it's your creation and you can make it as complex or as simple as you like.

So I hope that with the Christmas Photo Cards that the resourceful ladies have created, you will be inspired to make your own Christmas greeting cards, add a personal family photo and send it to someone special this Christmas season.

Have a Happy Holidays!


christmas photo card 1
Our 3 Cats
Handmade by Karen Knegten

The Marketer's Manifesto

christmas photo card 2
Handmade by Pat McConnel

christmas photo card 3
Baby Elias
Handmade by Valerie Smith

christmas photo card 4
My Grandkids
Handmade by Valerie Smith

christmas photo card 5
My son Chris whispering to Santa (my Dad)
Handmade by Jan Merkley

christmas photo card 6
My grandson Austin's first Christmas. Santa is my Dad.
Handmade by Jan Merkley

christmas photo card 7
Max and Alex
- Photo of my kitties doing what they do best.
Handmade by Bev Thompson

christmas photo card 8
Max and Alex
- Inside of above Photo Card
Handmade by Bev Thompson

christmas photo card 9
Trenton's First Christmas
Handmade by Rosie Guiher

This page has been re-uploaded on November 2012. As I look at these handmade photograph greeting cards sent in the various ladies, I couldn't help but remember the wonderful time we had swapping with one another. Valerie Smith and Rosie Guiher - I still have contact with them on Facebook. Karen Knegten just miraculously recovered from her illness and is back to creating handmade greeting cards at her lakeside studio.

Bev Thompson - I have not contacted her but this page reminds me to send her greetings this Christmas. I believe she's busy with her business and family. Hope she has time to indulge in some arts.

Jan Merkley and Pat McConnel - I wonder where they are. Will try to reconnect again.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your beautiful handmade Christmas greeting cards with all of us.

noteAdd a Christmas quote or Christmas card verse to your Christmas photo cards.

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