Paper Christmas Cards
make it personal - make them yourself

Send paper Christmas cards this holiday season.

Why email Christmas greetings that can be easily trashed when you can send printed one that will be kept and treasured?

click here to download template and for instructions

to make this origami Christmas tree card.

Cards To Make For Christmas

Scroll down for more Christmas greeting cards and free printable season greeting cards.

You can send personalised Christmas greeting cards by making your own with die-cuts, rubber stamps, or designer paper. Make a photo season greeting card by adding a photo of yourself, your family or your pet. Homemade Christmas greeting cards are definitely so much better than Christmas e cards or even store bought paper greeting cards.

The Season To Remember The Birth of Christ

For me, I just love Christmas. It's the season to celebrate. It's the season to exchange warm greetings. Most of all, it's the season to remember the birth of Christ and the reason for His coming into this world. That's why I never use the word 'Xmas' for it crosses out Christ in the celebration.

Anyway, I usually begin making my cards in October or November. Even so there was a year when I couldn't finish all of them. So it is better to start early and have time to leisurely create all your cards. (Want me to send you a card? Click here to request for one and I will add you to my christmas and birthday card sending list.)

Choose your theme. Is it going to be a traditional theme this year: Red and Green with Gold Trimmings? Or is it a Black And White Christmas?

Paper Versus Electronic Cards 

The pros and cons of sending paper christmas greetings as compared to emailing Holiday Best Wishes.

Ideas for Holiday Stationery 

Samples of handmade personalised paper Merry Christmas greeting cards to inspire you. Making your own greeting cards is fun and easy. Browse here and find ideas for your own unique Holiday cards.

A Good Christmas Craft Time 

How to organise Christmas card-making session with friends and children.

Tips For Making Unique Business Greeting Cards 

Card making tips for making your own business end-of-the-year greetings for all businesses. Also check out these two watercoloured cards handmade for clients.

More Christmas Cards

Creations by Other Readers/Crafters

These are handmade cards created by my long distance friend, Valerie Smith. Valerie is from Canada and loves making her own cards. She blesses so many friends and family members with her wonderful creation. Have a look at all her handiworks.

Beryl Deacon is another card crafter. Thank you, Beryl for showcasing your cards here.

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