Cards by Sheerah Teo Page 3

Here is another page of Chinese New Year cards by Sheerah Teo. Page 3 is a page of handmade Chinese New Year cards with the Chinese character "Chun" meaning "Spring".

lunar new year card

Sheerah uses red cardstock, vellum, punches and paper cutting to create this beautiful Chinese New Year card.

chinese new year card

Orangy color cardstock and the same paper cutting for the chinese character "spring"

plum blossom card

Another Chinese New Year card by Sheerah Teo. Here Sheerah used three different kind of punches to create this card - corner, border and a flower punch to represent the plum blossoms which signify spring.

Sidebar: This year I decided not to have plum blossoms in the house but instead I bought some lion heads branches which I placed inside a big chinese vase. That will be the main decoration for this Lunar New Year.

handmade new year card

Another Chinese New Year card handmade by Sheerah Teo.

homemade card ideas

Here's another homemade Lunar New Year card I received from Sheerah.

homemade chinese new year card message

Inside the handmade cards.

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