Anniversary and Happy Birthday Cards by Sheerah Teo Page 4

Sheerah Teo Page 4 is mostly anniversary and happy birthday cards handmade by Sheerah Teo from Malaysia.

Sheerah has 3 other pages of cards showcased here. To view all her cards, just scrolled down and you will see links to other pages of her lovely creations. Page 1 showcases Happy Birthday cards and Page 2 and 3 are all Chinese New Year Cards. Check them out if you have not done so.

handmade anniversary card

A Happy Anniversary Card using layering colored cardstocks, eyelets, punches and decorative scissors.

front of pop-up birthday card

Sheerah cuts a parcel using different colored paper and layered it on a peach colored cardstock. A lovely Happy 21st Birthday Card! Look at the inside of this card in the next picture!.

a pop up happy birthday card

It's a pop-up card! A handmade pop-up card with a playful message when you open it - "Pls turn 180 degree". See next picture to see the whole message.

handmade pop-up card

And here's the message. Happy 21st Birthday!

Sheerah cuts the two words "HAPPY" and "BIRTHDAY" on the black cardstock and pastes the cut-out "21st" on the card.

pop-up 21st birthday card

And here's another view of the pop-up birthday card.

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