Papercutting Technique

Papercutting using the chinese character for spring is easy to cut. Spring - This is the character that you will see everywhere during Chinese New Year; on paper bags, red packets (Ang Pow), Chinese New Year's decorations

around the house, along the streets, in the shops and even in the office.

Nowadays, papercutting can be purchased easily everywhere. Some are even printed on sticker paper. So you just need to peel it out and stick it on any surface. But I love the excitement and anticipation of the season created by spending time cutting out characters like 'happiness', 'spring', 'full', etc.

I remember the days before Chinese New Year when my grandmother was still alive. We would spend lots of time cutting out the different good meaning chinese characters on specially bought red paper and applying glue and pasting on the doors, rice-container, vases, presents, etc. It was so much fun and as a child, I found the whole preparation entertaining and exciting.

Papercutting Step By Step


1. Right click and save the above image to your desktop.

2. Open your Microsoft Word program and create a new document file.

3. Paste the above image file into your document.

4. Highlight the image and copy and paste multiple copies into your document.

5. Leave enough space on the right side of image for folding.

6. Resize if you like them bigger or smaller.

7. Print on back side of red color paper or pattern paper of your choice.(Gold paper will also look great)

papercutting: leave equal space on right

8. Fold the printed paper. (Refer to the picture below)

papercutting: fold here

9. Use a small sharp scissors to cut on the printed line.


10. Open out and voila! Your Chinese New Year papercutting on the word 'SPRING". Ha! You are holding spring in your hand.

You can use these cuttings:

* on your homemade chinese new year cards,

* punch a hole on the top, thread it and use as decorations for your spring tree. (Just like you hang ornaments on your Christmas tree)

* paste on gift bags

papercutting unfolded

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