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Chinese greeting cards you make at home are definitely different from those greeting cards you bought in Chinatown or any card stores.

When you make your own greeting cards, you decide on the design and color theme. Your Chinese greetings can be punched, handwritten, stamped or computer printed. The design can be as clean and simple as you like or with as much embellishments as you can squeeze into that 5" by 7" or 5.25" x 5.25" card front. Most important is that the greeting card is specially created by you for someone you are sending that Chinese greeting card to. It's unique! It's special!

So start creating some Chinese greeting cards today! Whether it's an birthday card, a Chinese New Year greeting card, or a Get Well card, do create it yourself to send your Chinese greetings in a homemade style uniquely your own.

Here are some greeting cards in Chinese that you might use as a starting point if you are just into card making or if you just need an idea or design for making and sending oriental greeting cards.

homemade chinese greeting cards for special occasions

chinese new year greeting cards

Of all the Chinese holidays, Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year is the most important for the Chinese.

Couplets and papercutting adorned doors of traditional Chinese homes. Red lanterns and other auspicious decorations will be put up in the home weeks before Chinese New Year.

So to participate in this celebration, let's begin by making some Chinese New Year greeting cards.

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