Making Cards with Stencils

I love stencils. I have lots of them; mostly made of brass but also quite a few plastic ones too. Sometime I made my own if I need a design that I do not have.

I used Erica brass stencils for all the the card projects on this page.

Below is a picture of an Erica brass stencil. You do not need to use the whole design - just choose a portion of it or a frame to dry-emboss a frame or border for a picture or a message in your card.

eric stencil

Here are two cards I created with one of the Erica brass stencils. I only use the frames from each stencils for these cards.

homemade spring cards using brass stencils

Scroll down to read instructions for making one of these lovely dry embossed cards.

dry embossed handmade thank you card

Dry Embossed Card Making Supplies:

1. Erica brass stencil

2. Light yellow cardstock

3. "Thank You" rubber stamp

4. Pigment inkpad: grey color

5. Clear embossing powder

6. Stylus

7. Lightbox

8. Heat gun

9. Color markers

10. Brush

11. Clear wax

Dry Embossed Cards Instructions:

1. Place stencil on the lightbox.

2. Place the cardstock wrong side up over the stencil.

3. Rub stylus on wax and press stylus into the design on the stencil. (You can see the design easily with the lightbox on.)

4. When finished, turn off the lightbox.

5. Turn card over so that you can see the right side with the beautiful embossed design.

6. Place the stencil over the design so that the embossed area protruded out from the stencil.

7. Brush some marker colors onto a stylofoam plate.

8. Using the brush, pick up color from the plate and lightly brush onto the protruded design.

9. Ink the Thank You message rubber stamp with grey inkpad and stamp on the middle of the card inside the dry embossed frame.

10. Pour clear embossing powder on the stamped image.

11. Pour off excess powder and heat with heat gun.

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