Basic Card Making Supplies Checklist
Everything You Need To Make Beautiful Greeting Cards

Buying card making supplies can be quite confusing since more card-making materials are being introduced into the craft and scrapbooking stores.

Here's a list that will help you make smart choices.

card making supplies/Basic Tools & SuppliesBasic Card Making Supplies

You will also be able to download free printable paper below to print and use in your handmade cards.

Actually, the cardmaking supplies listed here are things most people have at hand around the house. So do not run out and spend money before looking around. If you are a scrapbooker, you will find these in your scrapbooking supplies.

Look around the house, especially in your children's rooms and I'm sure you can find something that you can use to make your own greeting cards. I have listed the most basic cardmaking materials here. Just click on each card making supplies and you will be directed to a page that gives a more detailed explanation on each craft tool. If possible, images are included for some of these card making tools and supplies.

So browse and see if you have any of these already in your possession. Then make a note of those you do not yet have and ask your children whether they own any of these. Tick off those you believe you won't need at the moment.

Then armed with your final list of card making supplies, you are ready to go shopping. Be aware though that when you walk into the craft store, you just might find yourself adding more items to your shopping cart than those in your list.

Keep reminding yourself that you don't need everything. And the craft store will still be there anyway if you missed out something necessary for your card making project.

Most Basic Card Making Supplies

Paper and Cardstock

Extra thin and delicate Rice Paper from China, beautiful Mulberry Paper from India, Washi from Japan...

 click here to read more.


Nowadays, envelopes come in many different sizes and color. I like to make cards that can fit into a standard size envelope but there are occasions when I felt more creative..

 click here to read more..

Cutting Mat/Craft Knife/Scissors/Paper Trimmer

In card making, good cutting tools are very important. Here are some of the basic card making cutting tools you will need to give your cards that professional neat look...

 click here to read more.

Adhesives and Tapes

Adhesives and tapes are one of the basic card making supplies. You need adhesives, tapes or paper glue for most cardmaking projects. Whether you do collage, rubber stamping, quilling, punchart, or just a simple photo greeting card,...

 click here to read more.

Ink and Inkpads

Ink and inkpads are mainly used for rubber stamping and scrapbooking. For beginners, you might just like...

 click here to read more about ink and inkpads.

Decorative Punches

I love decorative punches. In fact, I have more than 100 of these beautiful decorative punches. Some have such intricate design that I just love to use them for my handmade cards. Each paper punch can last you for a life time. When you begin making greeting cards,...

 click here to read more about punches.

Stencils / Templates

Stencils are design templates made of metal (brass) or plastic and are usually laser cut with simple to fine details designs. You can use these to beautiful embossed designs on your cards.

click here to read more about stencils

Card-making Embellishments

Cardmaking embellishments are stuff that you can use to add a sparkle or 3D effect to your handmade greeting cards. These are also known as scrapbooking embellishments as scrapbookers use them extensively in their scrapbook pages. Beads, color stones, stickers, eyelets, glitters, tassels - these are some of the many embellishments that you can glue or sew to your cards...

 click here to read more about embellishments.

Rubber Stamping Supplies

When you are into rubber stamping, you will have preference for certain companies rubber stamps. For example, I love Hero Arts Rubber Stamps, Posh Impressions Rubber Stamps, rubber stamps by Penny Black Inc., Magenta Rubber Stamps and also rubber stamps from quite a few other angel companies. But beside rubber stamps, you will also need other rubber stamping supplies which are now available in most craft stores...

 click here to find out more about rubber stamping and supplies used.

More Cardmaking Supplies

Beside these basic materials, you might like to slowly and gradually add other card making supplies to your collection for more advanced cardmaking.

Printable Card Making Paper

Free printable paper for card making and scrapbooking use. Just download and print using color inkjet printer onto white copy paper or card stock. This is a pdf format file so you will need the latest Adobe Reader to open this file.

Click here to get Adobe Reader
Click here to download this printable designer paper 

Card-making Shop

Check out the card-making shop for more printable paper, die cuts and other available supplies.

Basic Supplies Checklist

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