More Valentine Day Cards

These Valentine Day Cards are homemade cards created by the ladies of a Yahoo group.

Look out for new names like Jenny Hubbard from the States whose hobbies are rubber stamping,paper crafts of all kinds,cake decorating and sewing; Yvonne Meyer from New Zealand who also loves rubber stamping and Barb Ingerson also from the United States. Barb Ingerson has more cards in the another Valentine card page. Barb loves to cross stitch, crochet, making cards and rubber stamping. More rubber stamp addicts like me?

Beside Jenny, Yvonne and Barb, Rox has also submitted 2 of her creations; an Iris Folding card and also a Pop-up Valentine card.

And not to forget Karen Knetgen and Pat McConnell whose beautiful creations also grace this page.

Note: You can view a bigger version of the following handmade Valentine Day cards by placing your mouse curser on the image and click. A new window will open with the bigger image. When finished viewing, just close the window and come back here to view the other cards. Cards #2 and 3 do not have bigger scans.

Card #1

A Victorian Valentine Card

Created by: Karen Knegten

Country : USA

Card #2

Be My Valentine

Note : This card does not have a bigger scan.

Created by: Jenny Hubbard

Comments : Dry embossed and hearts die cuts

Country : USA

Card #3

I Love You card

Note : This card does not have a bigger scan.

Comments: Dry embossed and 3d - roses and heart

Created by: Jenny Hubbard

Country : USA

Card #4

valentine greeting card idea

Be Mine - A Romantic Valentine card

Comments: Stamped couple

Created by: Jenny Hubbard

Country : USA

Card #5


Comments: hearts cut-out and stickers

Created by: Jenny Hubbard

Country: USA

Card #6

I Love You card

Comments: using hearts left from corner punch

Created by: Jenny Hubbard

Country: USA

Card #7

With A Song In My Heart

Comments: Heart, rose and music script

Created by: Pat McConnell

Country: USA

Card #8

Created by: Yvonne Meyer

Comments: Roses, ribbon, hearts and dry embossing

Country: New Zealand

Card #9

My Valentine

Comments: notice the different techniques that Barb used to create this stunning card

Created by: Barb Ingerson

Country: USA

Card #10

inside of Barb's My Valentine

Created by: Barb Ingerson

Country: USA

Card #11

pop-up valentine

Comments: cut with die-cutting machine

Created by: Rox

Card #12

iris folding valentine

Comments: first time iris folding - (It's beautiful, Rox)

Created by: Rox

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