Valentines Day Poems and Valentine's Quotes for Your DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Need valentines day poems to help you express your love to your valentine? Here's a collection of valentine poems and valentine quotes to include in your handmade valentine's day greeting cards.

These are love poems from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Shakespeare and others. I also include some valentines quotes just in case you need some short wordings.

Do remember to bookmark this page or this card making website. I hope to add to this collection whenever I can find relevant poems or quotes for our handmade greetings. So check out this site often to stay updated.

How To Use These Valentines Day Poems

  1. Highlight your chosen valentine poem.
  2. Right click and Copy.
  3. Open Pages or Microsoft Word.
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  5. Change the font, size, color of the words, etc.
  6. Print and trim and put inside your handmade valentine's Day card.

Valentines Day Poems

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height 

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight 

For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of everyday's 

Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight. 

I love thee freely, as men strive for right; 

I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use 

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. 

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose 

With my lost saints, - I love thee with the breath, 

Smiles, tears, of all my life! - and, if God choose, 

I shall but love thee better after death.

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Hearts and darts and maids and men 

Vows and valentines are here; 

Will you give yourself again, 

Love me for another year?

- John Erskine

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? 

Thou art more lovely and more temperate. 

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, 

And summer's lease hath all too short a date. 

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, 

And often is his gold complexion dimmed; 

And every fair from fair sometime declines, 

By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed. 

But thy eternal summer shall not fade 

Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st; 

Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade, 

When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st, 

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, 

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

- William Shakespeare

Too high, too high to pluck 

My heart shall swing. 

A fruit no bee shall suck, 

No wasp shall sting.

If on some night of cold 

It falls to ground 

In apple-leaves of gold 

I'll wrap it round.

And I shall seal it up 

With spice and salt, 

In a carven silver cup, 

In a deep vault.

Before my eyes are blind 

And my lips mute, 

I must eat core and rind 

Of that same fruit.

Before my heart is dust 

By the end of all, 

Eat it I must, I must 

Were it bitter gall.

But I shall keep it sweet 

By some strange art; 

Wild honey I shall eat 

When I eat my heart.

O honey cool and chaste 

As clover's breath! 

Sweet Heaven I shall taste 

Before my death.

- Valentine by Elinor Wylie

Valentines Quotes

Love is 

composed of a single soul 

inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle

Name the day 

Sweet Valentine, 

When Church and Ring 

Will make you Mine.

- Unknown

Valentines Day Poem from a Wife to Her Husband

If ever two were one, then surely we,

If ever man were loved by wife, then thee; 

If ever wife was happy in a man, 

Compare with me, ye women, if you can. 

I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold 

Or all the riches that the East doth hold.

- Anne Bradstreet

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