Origami Valentines Cards With Simple  Step-by-step Instructions And Free Card Template

These origami valentines cards are so sweet and you can easily make them by following the simple steps illustrated below. You can also modify it by using other paper design or rubber stamps for other occasions.

For example, instead of making Happy Valentines Cards, you can use birthday designs to create a Happy Birthday card or wedding bells and wedding cliparts for wedding cards.

So just learn the folding instructions and create one of a kind origami cards for any special events.

origami valentines cardOrigami Valentine's Card (Front)
Origami Valentines CardsOrigami Valentine's Card (Back)

Craft Supplies Needed for Origami Valentines Cards:

  • 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper (lilac color)
  • heart rubber stamp (Love Medley 2690H - Penny Black)
  • words rubber stamp (You Are Special - unknown)
  • white embossing powder
  • VersaMark Pad
  • Brilliance Pearlescent Purple Ink Pad
  • Heat Gun
  • bone folder
  • markers (blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange)
  • brush

Origami Valentines Cards Instructions:

  1. Download Origami Valentine Card Template.
  2. Print template on A4 size paper.
  3. Refer to the template for measurement.
  4. On your 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper, mark measurement with a light pencil mark.
Folding Origami Card
Step 2 Folding Origami Valentine's Card

Tips: Do not fold your paper until you have finished painting on it if you are using watercolours. Crease lines tend to absorb more water and your watercolour will seep through the paper to the other side.

5. Ink heart rubber stamp with VersaMark pad and stamp in and around areas marked on template. (NOTE: Line C is the bottom of your paper.Take note if you want your stamped images to be in one direction.)

6. Pour white embossing powder over stamped images.

embossing powder on stamped imageEmbossing The Image
Embossed ImageExtra Embossing Powder Removed

7. Pour back excess powder.

8. Use a small brush to brush away stray powder.

9. Melt powder with heat gun.

10. Scribble markers on plate.

11. Pick up colour with a wet brush and paint within the stamped images. Paint different colours on different part of the images and load brush with clean water to blend them.)

12. Do the same for the area outside the stamped images. Use only pink and yellow markers.

13. Stamp "You are Special" in the centre with Brilliance Pearlescent Purple Ink Pad. Dry with heat gun.

Origami Valentines Card - EmbossedEmbossed and Ready for Colouring
Embossed Origami Card ColouredColoured with Markers

15. Turn paper over with line C at the top.

16. Stamp heart rubber stamp (Love Medley) just below line C.

17. Emboss with white embossing powder. (Refer step 6 to 9)

18. Colour with markers (refer step 11)

19. Sign your name below the heart image.

20. Write a love note inside.

21. Fold as per instructions printed on template.

22. Your Origami Valentines Card is ready for posting.

Finished Origami Valentine's CardColoured Origami Valentine's Card

More Folded Happy Valentine's Cards

Origami Heart Card With Origami PaperOrigami Heart Card

This is an origami heart card folded using Japanese origami paper bought from Daiso. origami paper comes in different sizes and some with design on a single side while others like the one used above has complimenting designs on both sides. All origami paper are pre-cut squares.

Origami Heart Card with Wrapping PaperOrigami Heart Card

The above origami heart card was made from a piece of wrapping paper cut into a small square and folded just like the one on the left. It's thicker so is harder to fold but is do-able.

More Happy Valentine's Day Cards

Love Poems for Your Happy Valentines Cards

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