Find Card Making Ideas To Make Your Greeting Cards?
Read to know where to find card design ideas
and how to turn these ideas into unique card designs.

Find card making ideas in the most unexpected places. Be creative! Just always to be on the look out and you will have lots of ideas to make your greeting cards.

For example, I love shoes and love to look at shoes. Well, below is one shoe card that is just the card to make for your trendy and fashion conscious girlfriends this Happy Valentines Day or just as a fun card to send to a girlfriend any day. And this is just from an idea I got looking at people's shoes on the train. You too will be able to find card making ideas if you are consciously looking for them.

creativity is inventing quote/Creativity Quote

Window Shopping for Card Ideas

What about window displays? Most of these displays are done by personnels who have put in lots of hours of research and drawings to finally put them up on the store's window displays. For example, look at the image below - a window scene that was done up to attract Christmas shoppers.

This was a photo I took while out shopping with a girlfriend. Immediately, I knew that this could be a good design idea for a Christmas card and so quickly took a snapshot of it for reference.

Other Places To Find Card Making Ideas:

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

Henry David Thoreau

Find ideas within this card making website.

Also these pages:

And unexpected places:

  • While watching television programs: Since I started making cards, I have been more aware of designs and colours and I found that I can find them freely watching product promotions and advertisements.
  • Browsing through fashion magazines. Look at the layout and combination of colours.
  • Textiles: I receive lots of card making ideas and inspiration just from studying the clothes that people are wearing. Look at the design on the fabric. Also observe the colours used.
  • Book cover designs.
  • Store bought cards. Try not to copy. Just get some ideas and know the latest trends in greeting cards.
  • Observe your surrounding. Whenever possible, walk, observe and enjoy the trip. You will see many things and scenes that might jumpstart some incredible ideas.
  • Books. You can find card-making ideas just by browsing through books. When my nieces and nephew were young and we went to the library, I discovered that children books are great places to look for ideas.
  • Nature all around you. Garden scene, landscape and river life, etc. The Color of Spring card listed above is one such example.
  • Websites and Social Media Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Also check out my Happy Birthday website for birthday card ideas.

Shoe Card

shoe card/Shoe Card with Template

Just right click on the shoe template below and follow the step by step instructions. I believe any young or not so young girls will love this shoe card. It will take a while to make it though but it's worth the effort.

shoe template/Template for Shoe Card

Supplies Needed For Making The Shoe Card

  • rose pink color cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • tan or gold color cardstock
  • tiny pink and white ribbon
  • beads
  • pink, tan, and black color markers
  • red color pencil
  • foam tape
  • glue
  • decorative scissors
  • bone folder

Making The Shoe Card

  1. Cut out the different pieces from the shoe template.
  2. Scribble markers on a palette.
  3. Wet brush and pick up each colour.
  4. Paint the different shoe parts.
  5. Score and fold the heel part (refer to the shoe pattern or the shoe card picture on this page.)
  6. Use a burnisher to rub on the back of the cutouts to form it.
  7. Assemble on a small piece of scrap card with glue and foam tape.
  8. Use a red colour pencil to fill in the stitches.
  9. Glue on the tiny pink ribbon on the front of the shoe.
  10. Trim the scrap card around the assembled shoe.
  11. Trim white card-stock with decorative scissors.
  12. Layer white card-stock to tan/gold card. Then attach to the rose pink blank basic card.
  13. Use foam tape and attach the shoe onto the white card.
  14. Glue 2 white ribbon to the shoe and form a loose knot.
  15. Apply a dab of glue to the knotted area and stick to the card.
  16. Glue beads to card. (Note: The beads can be sewed in before step 12.)
  17. So you will find card making ideas just by looking at what people are wearing; clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves, etc.

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