Embossed Christmas Tree Cards
- Embellished with Beads and Brads

Christmas tree cards are great holiday cards to send to business partners or corporate clients. Add some glitters, a touch of gold or silver here and another touch of gold or silver there and they will look great for an important client.

Embossed Christmas Tree Card - A Traditional Holidays Greeting CardTraditional Christmas Tree Card

I decided to try my hands at creating some of these holiday tree cards and so went searching in my collection of tree rubber stamps for one that resemble a Christmas tree. I found a PSX rubber stamp that has the perfect tree image for my holiday project.

Here's the Christmas tree card design. See whether you might get some inspiration to create some yourself this Christmas.

Let me explain how I created this card.

Card Making Supplies for Christmas Tree Cards

Here is the list of card making supplies I used for this Christmas card design:

  1. green basic card (5.75" width X 8" height when folded)
  2. red card (4" x 5.75")
  3. white card (3.9" x 5.65")
  4. gold beads
  5. red star
  6. red and gold netting ribbon
  7. green ribbon
  8. small piece of vellum
  9. glue
  10. gold thread
  11. needle
  12. double sided tape
  13. green embossing powder
  14. green & brown markers
  15. tree rubber stamp (PSX)
  16. Christmas message rubber stamp "Seasons greetings" (Hero Arts)
  17. tag rubber stamp (Hero Arts)
  18. red ink pad
  19. black ink pad
  20. clear embossing powder
  21. embossing heat gun
  22. watermark ink pad
  23. watercolours

Step by Step Instructions

And here's the step by step instructions for making this Christmas card:

  1. I stamped the Christmas tree with watermark ink and heat embossed with green embossing powder.
  2. I used the green and brown markers to color the tree image.
  3. I watercolored in the meadows and sky.
  4. Pierce holes on the tree.
  5. Use the gold thread and needle to sew in the beads and star.
  6. Layer the white card with the tree image onto the red card.
  7. Layer this onto the green card front.
  8. Use UHU glue to attach the netted ribbon.
  9. Stamp the tag on the vellum with red ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.
  10. Stamp the Christmas words on the tag with black and embossed with clear embossing powder.
  11. Punch a hole on the vellum tag.
  12. Draw a circle around the hole with black pen.
  13. Attach to the netted ribbon with the green ribbon.

That's it! Use this holiday card design to make more Christmas tree cards. Or let this holiday card inspire you to make other Christmas tree designs

Have fun!

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