Barbara Phelps 3
- Third Page of Barbara's Handmade Cards

Barbara Phelps 3 is the third page of beautiful handmade cards that Barbara has emailed me to be showcased here on this cardmaking website.

If you enjoyed the previous two pages of cards by Barbara Phelps, you will surely also enjoy her creations on this page.

From her handmade collection of cards, you will agree that Barbara is a skilful cardcrafter who takes joy in creating these masterpieces.

I hope that you will enjoy her cards as much as I love presenting them here on this website.

Barbara Phelps 3 Cards

Dragonfly Tags On A Card

Barbara : For this card, I started out with a soft violet-grey cardstock, stamped a wordy background stamp here and there on it. I then used a cream-colored cardstock, and randomly added colors of terra cotta, purple and green to the cardstock using cosmetic sponges. I then used the same wordy background stamp on small tags, stamped the dragonfly in complementary colors. Then I strung a soft gold ribbon, plus gold thread, to which I added glass jewels, through the tag holes.

Faux Cross-Stitched Card

Barbara : In order to create a faux cross-stitching effect, I used an inexpensive plastic stencil which I taped to my cardstock. Over the top of the stencil, I taped a strip of drywall tape. I then stippled the colors through the tape and stencil on to the light cardstock.

I tore the cross-stitching paper on one side, layered, added some little ribbons and decorative paper to the base cardstock.

Vintage Style Photo Card

Barbara : For this monochromatically colored card, I used decorative papers in the same tones of rose and cream to complement this clip art photo. I then added drywall tape to the left-hand side of the card, to which I'd adhered ribbons and lace. Topped off the card with a cream-colored satin ribbon, and soft pink jewels.

Beside Barbara Phelps 3 - More Handmade Cards by Barbara

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  • Cards 2 - Three beautiful handmade cards. A Happy Anniversary card, a black and white card with an image of a lion, and a stamped image of a cluster of grapes layered on colour card-stocks.
  • Cards  4 - Three cards three techniques used. Stamping on glue, tissue technique and weaving technique.
  • Cards 5 - Two interesting cards using finger printing art. Check it out! You sure want to try making them.
  • Cards 6 - Must view! Six rubber stamped cards using Gibson Girl image, a stamp of horses, Oriental bamboo and more. Barbara explained the various methods and supplies she used to create these hand-stamped cards.

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