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Want to view more black and white cards? They said that white is not a color so I should say that these are black greeting cards on white cardstocks. A few ladies in the MGC group got together and created these beautiful handmade cards.

Stone Etching
Card Designer: Flora Tan from Singapore (me :-D)
Comments: Rubber stamped card using paper-cutting and layering with foam tape. Origami crane is not part of card.

Note: This is the second page of these handmade cards featuring the color black and white.
You can view the other part of the collection here - 
Black and White Cards.

More Black and White Cards by Various Card-Makers

Here are more black and white cards that I was not able to put into the other page. You will see beautiful creations of a Black and White theme from various so creative ladies who love making greeting cards at home like me.

Enjoy and maybe you will find inspiration from these and go make your own to send and bless your friends or family members.

Dance Yourself Silly
Card Designer: Faith Ann Dressler from U.S.A.

Card Designer: Sally from U.S.A.

black and white card/Black & White Card

Portrait of a Woman
Card Designer: Lynn Burg from U.S.A.

portrait of a woman/Black and White Card - Portrait of a Woman

Card Designer: Bonny Lutz from U.S.A.

celebrate card/Black and White Celebrate Card

Enjoy The Simple Things
Card Designer: Jenny Cocking from Australia

enjoy simple things/Black & White Enjoy Simple Things Card

Little Black Dress
Card Designer: Kim Shaw from U.S.A.

little black dress card/Black and White Little Black Dress

Kim Shaw was one grand lady that helped me moderate a group of card-crafters in a group. She make lovely cards that are so unique and elegant.

Card Designer: Bev Thompson from U.S.A.

hello card/Black and White Hello

Bev Thompson, like Kim Shaw, helped me with a group and has more cards that you can view scattered over this website.

Bouquet of Flowers
Card Designer: Elfrieda from Canada

bouquet of flowers card/Black and White Flowers

You can also view more of Elfrieda's cards by clicking here.

Sailing Boats
Card Designer: Nancy Hoot from U.S.A.

sailing boats card/Sailing Boats

Card Designer: Bobbie from U.S.A.

sweet music card/Sweet Music Card

That's it! Two pages of over twenty black and white cards. I hope you enjoy viewing these creation by my talented friends from the various countries represented here. Each of them are not professional artists or professional card-makers but they take card-making as a hobby seriously and enjoy making handmade cards to bless others.

Have fun and create some of your very own and send them out to bless your friends or someone you got acquainted with online. 

You could also join us at our Facebook community page by clicking on the link below and upload your cards there so we all can enjoy them together.

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