Happy Day Birthday Note Card
with blue decorated envelope

This birthday note card was an impromptu creation. I made the tiny envelope with the envelope punch and decided to decorate it and make a matching note card.

In the end, I chose a tag rubber stamp image and decided on a blue color theme with a touch of red.

Happy Day Note Card With Envelope

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. - Voltaire

The envelope maker I used did not have the accurate measurement and also because just one eighth of an inch can makes a lot of difference so I prefer to create the envelope before deciding on the size of the card. This way, I know I have the perfect fit:-)

Happy Day Birthday Note Card Envelope

It's really very fun making and decorating envelopes. Try it and you might get hooked.

For this note card, since I'm not sending through the post, I don't have to worry about the standard postal rules for addressing envelopes, etc. So I can freely paint the whole front surface blue.

What I did is fold the envelope and use a sponge dabber to apply blue pigment ink to the four edges and then lightly work inside so that the four sides form a kind of frame. The photograph below shows the envelope opened after coloring the front.

Once that was completed, I inked the Happy Day rubber stamp with the same blue color ink and pressed the image onto the top left side of the envelope front.

Refer to the photograph below. Actually, I wanted the top of the image to flush with the top edge but since I eye-ball stamp it, it was not so accurate so you can see that it's about one eighth of an inch shy of the top edge.

Actually, I think it looks quite okay.

Stamped happy day birthday note card envelope

Small Birthday Tag

Now, I found that this postal tag is just the perfect size for this blue decorated envelope.

Using the same white card stock, I stamped the tag image and trimmed close to the edges.

Then was overjoyed when I found that the Hope You Have A Special Birthday message stamp just the right size to go inside the tag image.So I stamped the message in the centre of the tag with the same color ink.

Finally, punch a hole on the tag top where the enforcement ring is and thread in the white and red butcher string. That's the touch of red I mentioned right from the beginning.

What do you think? Is it too plain? I'm thinking it's a good birthday note card to add my birthday wishes for a boy or man's birthday.

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