Black and White Cards
Swap Cards

These black and white cards were created by the ladies in the MGC group.

I am amazed at these ladies who readily took the challenge and participated in the Black & White Cards Swap. I believe that these are only part of the collection. Some of the ladies were not able to scan and upload their cards because they do not have a scanner or digital camera.

Note: There are 20 cards and to put them all in one page would make the page very slow to load. So I have put them onto two pages. You can view the second page of black and white cards by clicking here.

Black and White Cards by Meda Halmaciu

Here are the beautiful and so elegant handmade black and white swap cards submitted by Meda Halmaciu from Romania. 

Have a look!

Stripe Flower
Card Designer: Meda Halmaciu from Romania

Black and White Cards #1

Royal Elegance
Card Designer: Meda Halmaciu from Romania

Black & White Card #2

Letters of Love
Card Designer: Meda Halmaciu from Romania
Comments: Backgrounds and image made and printed by myself

letter of love/Black & White Letter of Love

Fall Poem
Card Designer: Meda Halmaciu from Romania
Comments: This is my "official" card for the swap.

fall poem/Black & White Fall Poem

Black & White Swap Cards by Linda Dunnihoo

Japanese Maple Leaves
Card Designer: Linda Dunnihoo from U.S.A.

Maple Leaves Card

Japanese Maple Leaves 2
Card Designer: Linda Dunnihoo from U.S.A.

thinking of you card/Thinking of You

A Kitty Card by Jeri Dalton Dobbs

Iris Fold Kitty
Card Designer: Jeri Dalton Dobbs from U.S.A.

iris fold kitty/Black and White Iris Fold Kitty

An Elegant Black and White Card by Chris B.

Chris B., the Cardphilelady from Texas, USA submitted this lovely card for the swap. What a beauty indeed!

Groomed Beauty
Card Designer: 
Chris B. - The Cardphilelady from Texas, U.S.A.

black and white card/Black & White Beauty Grooming

Cards by Jan Merkley

Two so sweet and simple black and white swap cards by Jan Merkley from USA with a garden theme.

My Garden
Card Designer: Jan Merkley from U.S.A.

my garden card/Black & White My Garden

Simple Pleasures
Card Designer: Jan Merkley from U.S.A.
Comment: Inside of  Card - Wishing You A Day Filled With Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures/Black & White Card Simple Pleasures

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