Cricut Fathers Day Card
- Gone Fishing!

This is a Cricut Fathers Day card - Gone Fishing - a free card project for Happy Father's Day which you can find in the Craft Room.

What happened is that I sprained my left ankle and at the same time, have had a eye infection in my right eye for more than a week. I wasn't able to do much crafting because of the throbbing pain on my foot as well as the muscle around my right eye.

So today, I decided to bring out my Cricut Expression machine and connect to the Craft Room to do some 'no-brainer' card-making.

I found this free design and started cutting. It turned out quite pretty and I'm very satisfied with the overall result.

Cricut Father's Day Card

About This Cricut Fathers Day Card

Fathers are wonderful people too little understood, and we do not sing their praises as often as we should. - Helen Steiner Rice

Sorry for the not-so-sharp photograph of this Cricut Fathers Day card. The above photo was taken with my Nikon D90. Nothing wrong with the camera but rather I was looking through the len with my non-infected left eye:-) and balancing on my right foot. So the picture is not so focused and kind of blurry a bit. But you can still see the shadow where I raised the cut pattern against the dark blue background card using very thin strips of double-sided foam tape.

Various Father's Day Cards

Here are some other handmade cards for Father's Day created in the past years. Have a look!

Happy Father's Day Card

A tall card for father using stitching and embellished with a blush pink paper flower and ribbon.


You're Special, Dad!

This is a very simple card using white card stock and a little stamped neck-tie.


Dad, You're So Amazing!

A Cricut card made specially for Dad. This is the second Cricut card project using two cartridges: Birthay Cakes and Ribbons & Rosettes.

No Cricut machine? It's okay! You can use a hand-drawn border design and print out the letters on card stock using your computer.


Father's Day Poems/Quotes

Need a poem or  quote for your card or letter? I have collected a few poems and Father's quotes which might be meaningful to add to your Cricut Father's Day handmade cards.


Origin of Father's Day

Want to know how Father's Day came about? Here are the facts all about how it first started.

Click here to find out.

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