Disney Christmas Cards

Disney Christmas cards are very popular among the young people. The girls and little children will surely love them. And some adults might love receiving them also.

Walt Disney characters are always popular and Micky Mouse is so cute. I have two nieces and a nephew who love these Disney characters. In fact, one of the walls in my niece's room was wallpapered with beautiful Disney cartoon characters.

My nephew loves Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck and characters whose names I could not keep tack of.

So I'm creating some Disney Christmas Cards for them and also for one or two adults whom I know love them.

And here is one Christmas card design that I will use for a couple.

(Tip: This design might be a good one as a Christmas card for your husband.)

Disney Christmas Card

For this Disney Christmas greeting card, I used a rubber stamp image. It's a Japanese style image. I do not know which company produced that rubber stamp since there's no company's name on the wooden block.

First, I stamped the image on white cardstock with black pigment ink and heat embossed with clear embossing powder. (You will notice that I love using clear embossing powder. I do have embossing powders of various colors but it's so easy just to reach for the clear color.)

I then paint in the colors with watercolors. You can also use color pencils or markers to color rubber stamped images but I love using watercolors).

Trim closely to the outline of the image with a pair of scissors.

On a white color folded card, I drew a frame with my Pigma Micron 005 pen. It's a waterproof and fade proof fine liner pen and has acid-free archival ink so is great for scrapbooking too.

Using watercolor again, I paint the frames red and green. I also drew a half moon with my brush and paint it with yellow watercolor. The outside is the sky so I use blue.

Turning my brush over and using the wooden handle tip, I dipped into the white color and add dots on the blue sky to create some snowflakes.

Finally, I used double-sided foam tape to attach the stamped image to the front of the card. Then using Micron 05 pen, I handwrite the Christmas words "I'm 'snow' happy with you!".

Voila! A Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas card!

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