Need More Sympathy Cards Verses?

More sympathy cards verses to help you write the words in your bereavement cards. Just choose one of these bereavement verses and add it to your store-bought or homemade sympathy card. Hope that the funeral verse that you chose will be a comfort to those who are grieving.

sympathy cards verses/Time Is A HealerTime is a Healer

Her Journey's Just Begun

Don't think of her as gone away - 

Her journey has just begun 

Life holds many facets 

The Earth is only one 

Just think of her as resting 

From the sorrows and the tears 

In a place of warmth and comfort 

Where there are no days and years 

Think how she must be wishing 

That we could know today 

How nothing but our sadness 

can really pass away 

And think of her as living 

In the hearts of those she touched 

For nothing loved is ever lost- 

And she was loved so much. 

~ Ellen Brenneman

No Tears Past The Gate

Someone new has entered 

our eternal home above - 

the heavenly gate has opened 

to welcome one you love. 

We cannot help the tears that fall - 

our hearts need time to grieve 

when earthly life has ended 

and a loved one has to leave. 

Yet even in the saddest time, 

we know our Savior lives, 

and we can trust completely 

in the promise that He gives - 

that in a glad reunion with the Lord 

our loved ones wait to welcome us 

in joy with no more tears 

beyond the gate!

This is the second page of sympathy verses for your sympathy cards. The first page of bereavement verses can be found by clicking here.

I hope that these two pages of sympathy cards verses will be a great help to you in writing that so-difficult-to-express words for your condolence cards.

Sympathy Cards Verses

Into each life some rain must fall but sunshine does appear. 
It brings with it a rainbow 
and a message that is clear. 

Please know that you are not alone that we all hold you dear 

Let faith and hope into your heart and keep your memories near.

It will be the little things you remember, the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter. 

And although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things that help push away the pain and bring the smiles back again.

Hoping your treasured memories bring you comfort day by day.

God's love lights the way 

and turns the darkness into day.

I don't doubt that you can do it alone, but why should you have to? 

I'm here for you just as you've been there for me.

Gone from our sight but never from our memories or our hearts. 

He shall be greatly missed.

I know your life is tough right now... and I wanted to say that I'm thinking of you with love and support.

It's hard to know what to say, except that you are thought of in friendship and in sympathy.

I wish I knew what to say to make things better but sometimes words just aren't enough.

More Sympathy Cards Verses

Keeping you in our prayers, 
and trusting that
God will bring you 
in the days ahead.

Life can be so hard sometimes and I'm sorry to see you hurting.

Know that the Lord 
has welcomed your loved one 
into His home in Heaven. 

In Warmest Sympathy.

May beauty live on 
in your memories 
and bring you peace. 

With Deepest Sympathy.

Life brings tears, 
smiles and memories. 

The tears dry, 
the smile fades, 
but the memories 
live on forever.

May each new day 

ease the burden 

of your sorrow.

May hope sustain you, 

Friends surround you, 

And love give you strength.

May it comforts you to know 

that your loved one is safe 

in God's care now... 

and that friends 

are praying for you 

in your time of sorrow.

May it brings you solace 

to know how many lives 

have been deeply touched 

by your {loved one}.

May it helps in some way 

to know that friends 

are sharing the sorrow 

in your heart.

May it comforts you 

to know friends 

are thinking of you 

and remembering you 

in their prayers.

May memories 

of your (insert relationship - e.g. father, mother, or use Loved One) 

be a comfort to you 

at this time.

More Sympathy Cards Verses For Your Bereavement Cards

May the comfort 

of family and friends 

give you strength 

for today 

and the day to come.

May words of comfort 

rest gently upon your heart, 

and in time may they become 

words of healing.

May time ease the pain 

that no words can.

May these words 

of sympathy and understanding too, 

bring comfort on the loss 

of one so very dear to you.

May you find comfort 

in knowing your loved one 

is with God - 

resting in perfect peace.

May time soften the pain 

until all that remains 

is the comfort 

of memories and love.

May those beautiful yesterdays 

always remain in your heart, 

and your sorrow gently fade away.

May you be comforted today 

by the caring thoughts 

of those around you.

May you find comfort 

in the knowledge 

that others care 

and sympathize with you.

More Sympathy Cards Verses

Our prayers are with you 

and it is my hope 

that you will find 

the strength and fortitude 

to heal as you mourn 

this terrible, terrible tragedy. 

Our sympathy 

and warmest thoughts 

are with you now.

May you find strength 

in your faith, 

comfort in God's love, 

and peace in knowing 

your friends are praying 

for you.

May you find peace 

in God's promise 

of eternal life.

Our love 

is measured 

by the pain 

we feel 

at the loss.

Please know how much you are loved 

and how deeply your loss is felt by all.

Please know you are 

in our thoughts and prayers.

No time on earth is long enough 

to share with those we love 

or to prepare our hearts for good-bye. 

May time soften the pain 

until all that remains 

is the comfort 

of memories and love.

May your warm memories 

give you comfort 

at this time of sorrow.

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, 

but rather openings where our loved ones 

shine down to let us know they are happy. 

~ An Eskimo Saying

Perhaps life is but a journey 

leading to the perfect home... 

So sorry for your loss

No matter how old we are, 

losing a mother 

is one of the deepest sorrows 

a heart can know, 

but her goodness, 

her caring 

and her wisdom 

live on... 

like a legacy of love 

that will always 

be with you.

May you find the courage 

to face tomorrow 

in the love 

that surrounds 

you today.

Perhaps they are not the stars, 

but rather openings in Heaven 

where the love of our lost ones 

shine down to let us know 

they are with us.

More Sympathy Cards Verses for Your Cards

Praying for friends to comfort you, 

faith to uphold you 

and loving memories 

to help you smile again.

Sharing in your sorrow 

and wishing you strength 

in the days ahead.

Remembering with you... 

the life of someone so dear.

Sharing in your sorrow, 

Thinking of you 

and wishing I could be there 

to hold your hand.

Sending a gentle hug your way, 

to comfort you and to let you know 

that you're on my mind and in my heart 

today and always.

Sending deepest sympathy 

and heartfelt thoughts.

Many More Sympathy Cards Verses

Sharing your sadness. 

Gone from our sight, 

but never our memories. 

Gone from our touch, 

but never our hearts.

The angels are always near 

To those who are grieving, 

To whisper to them, 

That their loved one, 

Is safe in the hand of the Lord...

The time had come for him to leave, 

He did not want to go 

But God had other plans for him, 

He said, "I need you so." 

So he has left this world of ours 

And you're so very sad 

But think of all your happy memories 

And the great times that you had. 

For memories stay in your heart 

Forever and a day 

So if you think of him often, 

He'll never go away.

Those we love remain part of us.

So sorry about your father 

Although you will miss him 

and long for his presence 

and all of the warm family times you've had... 

just try and remember 

through all your sorrow 

you have every reason to smile and be glad... 

you wouldn't be feeling exceptional sadness 

if you hadn't had an exceptional dad.

The road we're on is twisted, Lord, 

The end defies the view. 

Teach us to take each step in faith 

And leave the rest to You.

There is so little we can say 

at a time of loss like this 

but know that my heart 

goes out to you.

Thinking of you

Thinking of you 

and wishing you 

brighter days ahead.


May God's love heal your sorrow. 


May the prayers of friends 

ease your hurting. 


May God's peace replace your heartache 

with warm and loving memories.

The sorrow of the faithful 

is not that of permanent loss, 

but the tender sense of sadness 

that comes in saying 

good-bye for now, 

to someone we love.

The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand, 

The sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers on the land, 

The music stops and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains... 

For every joy that passes,something beautiful remains

Thinking of you... 

May these few words 

express sincere sympathy 

to you and your family.

More Sympathy Cards Verses

Time is a healer, 

Every sunrise brings the light of hope 

and the promise of renewal. 

~ Mae Marie

Today and always, 

may loving memories 

bring you strength, 

comfort, and peace.

When our loved ones become memories 

Our memories become treasures.

Wishing you the peace of knowing that this life is not the end.

In Faith and Sympathy.

Wishing you hope 

in the midst of sorrow, 

comfort in the midst of pain.

Our loved ones leave the world, 

but never our hearts.

Wishing we could be 

by your side 

at this time.

When someone you love becomes a memory, 

the memory becomes a treasure to hold.

With Sincere Sympathy... 

May God keep and comfort you 

and softly ease your sorrow, 

And may you feel His presence 

near through every new tomorrow.

With heartfelt sympathy.

To die proudly 

when it is no longer 

possible to live proudly.

We reflect 

on what has been lost 

and comfort those 

enduring a profound grief. 

And somehow we know 

that a brighter morning 

will come. 

~ President George W. Bush

Wishing the comfort 

of our thoughts and prayers.

With heartfelt sympathy 

and kindest thoughts 

to you in your sorrow.

You and your family were in our thoughts today.

Two More Sympathy Cards Verses

Your loved one 

will always be 

as close as a memory, 

and the God of all comfort 

will always be 

as close as a prayer.

You are surrounded by people who love you... 

are remembered by people who care

Do you have one or two sympathy cards verses or poems that you like to include here? If so, please do send it to me and I will add it to the above few verses. Do make sure that they are not copyrighted materials. 

Thinking of You Today

sympathy card's versesThinking of You Card

You can find this handmade 'thinking of you today' card in the Cheer Up the Lonely submission page.

This particular greeting card was created using two rubber stamps: a flourish and a butterfly. It was embellished with sparkling emerald self adhesive rhinestones.

I love this card because the overall card design just speaks to my heart.

The fluttering butterfly, the lightness of the flourishes, the orange color background and the sparkling rhinestone; all these speak to me of life.

Life's fragileness and at the same time life's wondrous potential energy and possibilities.

Click here to view this handmade card and maybe at the same time you might like to submit one of your own homemade card too.

Tips : You can use the above card design for bereavement cards. Just add sympathy cards verses to them. For example, With Deepest Sympathy in front and choose another verse from the sympathy cards verses for the inside of the card as the message. 

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› More Sympathy Verses

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