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Here are the card making websites testimonials from visitors to this card making site.

These are earlier feedbacks sent in through email by readers.

Now you are able to add your opinions and feedbacks directly by clicking here.

Thanks to all who had sent in these site testimonials. Each and every one of these card making websites testimonials is treasured and that's why I have posted them here on this webpage.

Do continue this website by posting your works and your feedbacks so that this card making site can be a resource site for all card crafters.

thank you cardThank you for your testimonials. These encourage me a lot to continue building this card making website.

Card Making Websites Testimonials

hi flora, i loved ur website and now i will visit it every day.

~ Ayesha A. (Pakistan)

Hi Flora! Thanks for your nice site. I'll bookmark it,and use it some more, I'm sure. I make my own cards often and is probably my best hobby. Thanks again, and God bless! 

~ Carol T. (USA)

Flora, Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. Your card verses are really a great help. I believe in the ministry of card giving and pray that God will continue to bless you in all of your endeavors. 

~ Lorrie J. (USA)


~ Carole T. (Australia)

What a brilliant site you have here!

~ Betty G. (Canada)

Never have a encountered a site that I felt to reply to, but I just love this one. I am an almost retired crafting person, women never really retire. I mainly have done sewing type crafts with a bit of computer printed greeting cards and gift tags. I have been looking for another hobby as you can only make, store or give away so many quilts. (they can be costly to make and I live in the south, lol. Not much need for them) This seems to be the answer to my need to craft !!! Thank you for making this site. It has helped me to make up my mind as to what my hobby will be. NO MORE BOREDOM for this senior !!!

~ Rosa L. (USA)

Man alive, this site kicks the knockers off of all the others. I was looking for sites through which I could express myself and all the others were no good. They were pretty lame, but your site is... ANTI lame. You have given me a reason to live. Keep on making those cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Quan Q. (Canada)

I just have to say that your site is awesome and very helpful. Thank you!
I was looking for a site with sayings for cards. I am a scrapbooker and decided to make cards to support my hobby since I have all the materials.

~ Becky R. (USA)

Good Morning...
Just a note to tell you that I think your website is wonderful.I love the ease of getting around the site and especially love how your cards and directions are displayed. Keep up the great work; I pray that the Lord will bless you with continued success with all that you do.

God bless...Camille

~ Camille D. (USA)

I am just overwhelmed at the generosity of your website! I have yet to make a card, buying supplies first, and this has been a huge help already. Thanks so very, very much! Kat

~ Kathleen B. (USA)

Hi , this is jenifer from india. I was just browsing the net for an innovative way of doing my brother's bday card and it is indeed a blessing that i have found out your site. Making cards is my passion ... and thanks a lot for helping me improve my art. Looking forward to your newsletters.

~ Jenifer F. (India)

I had to message you and say what a really nice site you have,...
I really love the cards that others have sent in and have put up for display...

~ Heather H. (UK)

Hi, this is a really cool website... This website was very useful in the beginning of my handmade card business. Thanks for your brilliant idea^^

~ Vani V. (Indonesia)

ur card making site is really interesting and also very helpful. the cards u make r relly beautiful n easy also. and the way u have explained it is also really vivid. keep up the good work

~ Shireen R. (India)

I have looked for verses for sometime and am glad to find these. Thank you so much

~ Joyce L.(United States)

Hi, You website was very useful for me... I just started the hand-made greeting cards business recently. I mainly use the recycled boards and papers. My first order was to raise money for a childrens' home in Dubai. Just wanted to say that your site did give me alot of new ideas, thank you!

~ Prasha V. (Sri Lanka)

it was nice 2 visit the site

~ Fatema M. (India)

Wow, your website is really helpful. :) Hi I'm Dora and I'm 17, making greeting cards has been my hobby since I was 15, and i've sold 6. I would like to kind of start my own buisness or something. My dream is that one day my greeting cards will be available for everyone in the world, and that they'll make the whole world smile. :)

~ Dora F. (United States)

This is my first time trying to make cards. As I was searching on the net for some info, I came to your web site. WHAT A BLESSING. Everything was written so that if you're already making cards or if you are a beginner like me, you could understand it. Thank you for your site. I have marked it as a favorite. NO OTHER SITE IS AS GOOD AS YOURS. Thanks and God bless.

~ Annette D. (United States)

Hello, Just wanted to say that I have read every page of this website as I couldn't bear to miss any part of it. It has been so informative and inspiring and hopefully I will be able to put all the theories I have read and put them into crafty practise! Thank you ever so much for all the info and ideas and I shall definitely be coming back for any updates. Keep up the good work.x.

~ Becki M. (United Kingdom)

This is a wonderful website, keep up the great work!

~ Christe R. (South Africa)

Hello Flora! I just wanted to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed your website. My daughter and I had so much fun making Christmas cards last December - we are going to make more cards throughout this year. Thanks so much for all of the information, it's so helpful!

~ Jennifer M. (United States)

More Card Making WebSites Testimonials

You can  Add Your Own Card Making

Websites Testimonials...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website. I recently discovered how much I enjoy making greeting cards and bookmarks for my family and friends. I was thrilled to find your website. It has been very helpful. I love all the ideas and information. Thank you for sharing your passion for cardmaking with others! I look forward to the newsletter.

~ Desiree G. (United States)

What a delight to find your website! I like the philosophy you offer about making your own cards. I bought my first rubber stamp in 1971 when you could only buy stamps by mail order from about 2 companies. We sure have come a long way since then. Keep up the good work!

~ Barbara A. (United States)

This is a fantastic site and i have just found it...

~ Jennie J. (United States)

I have just come across your website and would like to say how useful, informative and full of inspiration it is. As someone new to crafting I look for all the hints and tips I can get. Your site is excellent and I will be visiting often. Thank you for sharing your time and crafting experience with others. I look forward to receiving my first newsletter. Keep up the good work!

~ Tracy S. (United Kingdom)

Thank you, Flora. The website looks really interesting. I loved the Japanese templates.

~ Jean G. (United Kingdom)

Flora, Just found your site through a link from Creative Cards. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity, and thank you for going to the work of maintaining a website. I've signed up for your newsletter and look forward to receiving my first e-issue! Thank you again for your generosity.

~ Heather D. (United States)

Hi Flora, just found your wonderful site. Love your site and hope to try out your projects.

~ Yasmin D. (United Kingdom)

Thank you for a wonderful website!

~ Charlene M. (United States)

I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful creations and maintaining this fabulous site. Have a great weekend.

~ Diane L. (United States)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful source of information and templates!.

~ Nancy W. (United States)

More Testimonials

Here are more short and sweet card making websites testimonials.

Hi Flora, your site is truly informative and I thank you for that.

~ Harsha F.(Singapore)

What a wonderful service you offer! Bless you

~ Denise G.(United States)

Can't wait to start browsing.

~ Hope W.(United States)

Great site. I'm putting it on my favorites list.

~ Maria P.(United States)

I'm excited to find this.

~ Betty M.(United States)

Hi, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your site. Thank you.

~ Dee A.(United States)

Neat ideas, Flora.

~ Elise K.(United States)

THANKS MUCH--looking forward to it.

~ Ruth L.(United States)

I know I will love everything that you're offering here. It will take a while to go through everything.

~ Sally H.(United States)

Love your website. Thanks for spreading stamping in your country.

~ Kathie G.(United States)

Just love your page - and you are not trying to sell me anything! Keep the ideas flowing, already inspired me.

~ Brenda M.(New Zealand)

Your site is great!

~ Gayle W.(United States)

Hi Flora....your website's looking great!! Thanks for making it available for so many to view your beautiful work and for all your hints and tips! =)

~ Beth P.(United States)

What an absolutely WONDERFUL website, Flora !! This will be a place that I will go to very often to see new ideas. Thank you for doing this !!

~ Judy L. (New Mexico)

Love it!

~ Kay A. (Philippines)

woohoo, what a great idea.

~ Shelly N.(United States)

Your website is wonderful. A great place to find info on making cards. Keep up the great work.

~ Kathleen S.(United States)

Sounds like your e-zine will be a great resource for newbies like me!

~ Terry G.(United States)

Love your website. Gonna go check it out some more.

~ Julie K. (Taiwan)

I have been stamping and making cards for 4 years now. Can't wait to see what new ideas you might have. I have also just started to sell my cards -- Love the site, very informative.

~ Patricia A.(United States)

Hi Flora, love your site, can't wait for the rest.

~ Linda M.(United States)

May the love of Jesus Christ our Lord be with you. I think this is an excellent website.

~ Jake E. (UK)

I'm so happy to have found your site. Lots of useful information. Thank you.

~ Jeanie P. (USA)

nice cards...

~ Komal G. (India)

Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

~ Giovanna W. (USA)

Thank you for this wonderful site dear sister-in-Christ. I am interested in card- making. Your cards are beautiful!

~ Gillian A. (UK)

I really enjoyed your site. It's very enriching. I am very passionate about hand crafted cards and will like to develop my skills and interest in this area. I will like to showcase my cards on this website. Keep up the good work.

~ Austyn A. (Nigeria)

These are card making websites testimonials from the earlier days of this card making site.

If you like to add your card making websites testimonials or feedback, just click on this link.

Thank you.

Can also check out my for Birthday cards and celebrations to get some inspiration.

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